Not my cup of tea

So, I'd love to say the trip to London was a huge success, and write about all the cool things that happened and all of the awesome fashion events I attended. I can't. I was lost 95% of the time, and the other 5% I was asleep. I was exhausted and in a bad mood, and just wanted to sit at Starbucks drinking coffee. I couldn't even find a decent Internet-connection. My camera was just dead-weight in my bag, along with my computer, and I didn't care to use any of them as much as I normally would. The hotel I stayed at was truly a blast from the past, circa 1970: and in really bad shape. I was somewhat prepared, but still really unprepared - and though the British people are really welcoming: London was not my cup of tea. This time. I am however willing to give it another chance sometime in the future. Perhaps.


  1. haha... så du skjønner kanskje hvorfor vi så til å komme oss hjem til Norge igjen fortere enn svint når vi også innså at London ikke var vår Cup of Tea? :) Men håper du har kost deg litt iallefall da!

  2. oh, to bad that you didnt fell in love with the city as i did when i was there ; ( i really hope that return to the city in the future and give it another chance !

  3. Vel, jeg kan godt tro du ble utslitt av London, du blir jo utslitt av Oslo. Og jeg som er vant til Oslo, jeg blir jo helt skakkjørt i London selv. Så jeg tror man bare må prøve igjen, sånn litt etter litt, kanskje det blir bedre neste gang? :)

  4. Anonymous8:52 PM

    ha, well been in London and it's not my cup of tea as so crowded! I know big city life, but Berlin and NYC aren't as crowed as London, cause London is much smaller I guess..haha! but me too would give it a 4th time, as for Topshop, maybe or LFW! ;) xoxo

  5. Hah! I'm currently in transit (in a nasty 7 hour stopover) to go an live in London for a year. So this post didn't exactly have the best timing! Still, I've been there before and I know that London can definitely be an overwhelming city. I'm sure you'd find it different in different circumstances (with a friend, or in a better hotel).

  6. I was there in this summer and i was lost most of the time too. I don't know how, because they actually have all the indications but i was. I thought i would like it very much but i didn't, well, it's not bad but i wasn't amazed, maybe because i was alone ... Barcelona was different, nice company and i loved the city.

  7. dagens outfit:
    haha, ja, absolutt! Så stort og så mange folk, var i grunn skremmende! Rakk å kose meg litt da, men jeg får gi byen en sjanse til en annen gang :)

    yeah, I guess the timing was all wrong :) Next time!

    haha, ja, der sier du noe :p Tar med meg en smarting neste gang, tror jeg. Eller tre.

    Some Style:
    Haha, I don't like Topshop - and I spent an hour in it just to get time to go faster. Didn't work very well :p

    Oh, I'm sorry! Hope your trip is 100% better than mine, and I'm sure it will be! Just prepare yourself for all the people! Next time I'll spend a little more on the hotel, for sure! And bring a friend!

    I traveled alone as well. I guess it's a city you should go to together :) I'm sure if I spent a little more time there, it would be a whole other story :)

  8. next time, you'll come visit California!

  9. You seem to really like nature a lot, and based only on my travel to other places in your region such as Stockholm and Copenhagen, you live in a great area and probably have much of all you could want in your surrounding - I'd have to say that having been to London, I personally have enjoyed it. I live in the NYC area and love it there too, but when I want to be in nature - I love New England states like Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts coasts. lastly on nature, a friend once told me some people are 'Mountains, lakes, rivers' people or others prefer 'Oceans, ponds, meadows' haha, that second kind is more me. I do love cities too...and COFFEE. I know all the best spots in NYC and YES internet access does make life easier when traveling.


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