All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Sweater - T by Alexander Wang // Jeans - BLK DNM // Signet rings - Tom Wood // Minimalistic rings - The Hatters // Earrings - Still With You // Shoes - Bianco

Since we last spoke, I've been to New York. There I was, alone, free like a bird, roaring the vacant streets on the outskirts of a much too big city, stopping by interesting coffee shops and eating the most wonderful ice cream. It all feels like a dream now, so distant and surreal, as I sit here in my apartment wearing PJ's on a Sunday afternoon. Time goes by so fast when you're living your dreams.

Thanks a million times to the beautiful Samantha Nandez for putting up with me for ten whole days!
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The apathy of August.

Leather jacket - Object // Tee - Weekday // Jeans - Diesel // Wrapped scarf - Holzweiler // Signet rings - Tom Wood // Minimalistic rings - The Hatters // Boots - Selected Femme

The month before the month of lasts. Last flowers and last strolls in the park, last nights sleeping with the window open and last weekends with fresh berries from the garden. Now I'm older then I've ever been and younger then I'll ever be again, but I don't know where I'm going and I have no idea what I'm doing. Does anyone?

There is still no cure for the common birthday.

Sweater - Object // Pants - Only // Necklace - Second Hand // Shoes - Satorisan (Benirras)

This is the type of outfit I wear when I want to blend in, and these days, that's all the time. I honestly don't know how to dress during summer, especially when it's over 28 degrees Celsius. At home I just skip the pants, and walk around in my t-shirt.

All I do is eat watermelon, blow soap bubbles and drink ice coffee. I'm sketching a little, but mostly I just spend hours counting bumblebees in the back yard and think about my serious lack of ambition. It's almost time for that inevitable day, July 15. My birthday. I find no pleasure whatsoever in turning older, so I'll just keep on eating watermelon and continue counting baby bugs. Maybe drown my sorrows in giant box of ice cream. Or three.

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