I dream of you in colors that don't exist

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I was walking to the post office on my first day back in Norway. It was about 4 PM and the sun had almost set. The sky was filled with pink and orange hues, bouncing of lazy clouds against the dark blue nothingness of the sky. The frozen ground danced in colors, glistening ice in pale pinks and pastel orange, covering the aging asphalt. It was a sight for my sore, frozen eyes. A wonderful welcome back to the motherland.

Happy new year, lovelies!
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She had big hair, red lips and dirty boots

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I used to draw and paint when I was a little girl, just like a lot of other girls and boys. I just recently started up again, it just took me about 20 years.

The other kids in my class used to tear my drawings apart and throw them in the trash. Laugh at them. Steal. So I stopped drawing. I figured there was no point in trying to create something when everyone around me was going to destroy it anyways. These thoughts and feelings stayed with me for years, decades even. I was scared to share anything I created with my own hands with anyone. I still am. But, I just recently realized that these kids aren't around anymore. They're all gone. All that is left is memories, and fear. And even though it scares me to death just talking about it, I'll admit I've always had a dream of becoming an artist. I just kept it to myself. So don't tell anyone, OK? It's our secret.

It's always raining, even when it's not.

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October. Only streetlights and raindrops and asphalt and wind. It feels so fast, so slow. I walk on water, terrified I will fall through the surface and drown. I won't, I will never drown. It just feels like I might.