London Blog Slam

I attended the Blog Slam and London launch party of Circus #1 Fashion at the Rag Factory in Heneage street. There were lots of familiar faces; including Shini from Park and Cube and Muireann from Bangs and Bun. I got to meet the sweet Anke, and chatted with some of my fellow bloggers. Everyone was in such a good mood, laughing and smiling - and there was free beer! These two things are obviously connected to each other. Some bloggers read their favorite blogposts out loud as a part of a competition, which was both interesting and funny. I didn't stay for long, as my hotel was located on the other side of town - but I'm really glad I stopped by. Can't wait for the next one!Funfact: I was introduced to designer Paul Bench, when I accidentally stepped into the wrong side of The Rag Factory. He was so sweet, and looked pleased with the launch of his SS 2011 collection.

I'm wearing shoes via Asos, BikBok maxi-skirt and camel knits. Robot-necklace via Ebay and vintage belt. All images via and Shini/ParkandCube


  1. You look absolutely stunning as usual!! Sorry to hear you didn't have a good time in London, it looks like such a wonderful city...

    My Blog: make the world a prettier place

  2. Anonymous12:00 AM

    how, cool! pity I couldn't make it to London, but I have a feeling someday soon! and maybe you be in Town than too! would be great to meet up! :)

  3. I just attended the fashion inspiration workshop the other day, too bad we don't have anything solid enough to arrange bloggers meeting -/ Nyway thanks for sharing!

  4. blogger meeting are a great fun. love em! but here we have wine not beer lol

  5. Marie:
    Thank you so much, sweeets! London is pretty, but probably more exciting with a friend ^^,

    Some Style:
    Yeah, this is something you should have seen! Pretty awesome, if you ask me :) I'd really like to meet you too; we'll have to arrange something ^^,

    I really wish there were more meet-ups withing the blogsphere. It was really nice to meet someone with the same interest as myself :)

    It really is! Free beer is the best :D


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