Hi, and welcome to my site! My name is Barbro Andersen, and I'm a forever 19 year old yogi viking based in Norway.

I'm constantly changing, and so is my blog. This is my journey - in blog form. My only constant is coffee and The Wife. I like words, and sometimes I write about things that are greater than my love for comfortable knits. I find great pleasure in wearing clothes that fit two of me, and I am occasionally interested in a variety of other things; maybe photography, or interior decorating, art or just riding around on my bike. I love traveling, and I simply can not live without leaving the country every now and then. I’m always late, maybe due to the fact that I’m a result of cracked rubber. I have strong opinions, but keep them to myself because I don’t like confrontations. I’m named after an English writer, which is funny, since I dream of doing the same. I paint and draw to escape reality and think it’s better to be childish than precocious.

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