It sounds like a cliche, but yoga is changing every aspect of my life 🔥

What yoga does to my body, my spirit, my everything is just mind blowing. I feel strong and soft at the same time. Confident. It's super intense when I'm standing there trying to balance and breathe and focus, but I know it will pass and I know it is so-so good for me. I am so thankful ♥️

Yoga helps me deal with my life long struggles with anxiety and depression, as well as post traumatic stress, and keeps my body from deteriorating during my darkest periods. It gives me the energy I need to push through. It rejuvenates, heals and encourages me. In yoga, I find hope. It's spirituality, without anyone from the God squad.

It's freedom.

I believe in mother earth, in kindness, in karma, in science and that in the end, whatever comes, will come, no matter what.

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

Om Shanti.

I am a BeYoga Ambassador <3 span="">

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