Beacon’s Closet (10 W 13th St, NY 10011) $19+
- My favorite in the whole city, might even go as far as to say the whole world. Get there early and stay all day if you can; that's how much time it takes to go through it all. They have everything from 3.1 Phillip Lim to Zara;  Prada, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Jimmy Cho and Elizabeth & James. I went there twice and ended up with a big bag of clothes - both times.

Eleven Consignment Boutique (180 1st Ave, NY 10009) $99+
- A more pricey boutique with an incredible selection of designer goods. May have left with a Balenciaga silk skirt and I still can't get those Kelsi Dagger booties out of my head. Too bad they were a size 6. I considered cutting my toes of for half an hour before I put them back on the shelf. Seriously.

Limited Supply (273 E 10th St, NY 10009) $99+
- A very stylish little boutique with an equally stylish price tag, but it is SO worth it. Would say it's in the same price range as the previous one, but they did have a sale when I was there, so you might get lucky. An Alexander Wang dress for $50? Don't mind if I do!


Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (125 E 7th St, NY 10009)
- Creative ice cream for everyone! I had the Salty Pimp and all I can say is that it was totally worth the long line! Bookmarked at Yelp!

Dominique Ansel Bakery (189 Spring St, NY 10012)
- You simply must try the cookie shot. A cookie shaped like a shot glass, lined with chocolate and filled with milk. Seriously, go!

I won't recommend any restaurants or diners, because there are just too many to choose from. The small drop in places are usually the most tasty ones, and inexpensive; so don't be afraid to walk in to one of the tiny takeaway places in your hood. Had the best Chicken Teriyaki ever at a place I couldn't even pronounce or understand.


For a relaxing walk, aim for The High Line, East Village, Central Park or Harlem. Don't forget to bring your camera and comfortable shoes.

So that's it for my New York travel tips for now. There are already millions of tips out there, so if you only take away one tip from this post, ignore everything above and just to do exactly what YOU want to do. My favorite moments were not planned at all; like walking in to a café eating crepes for lunch, my walk thorough Central Park and that hour I spent on the fire escape in Harlem doing absolutely nothing except being in New York.