Has anyone seen my self-confidence?

I never get the picture I want when I'm trying to photograph myself without direct light, but this one was ok, in a moody kind of way.

But, the outfit didn't show very well, so I changed location, (yet again), which apparently made my face unreachable. That's fine, though, I was probably standing there with my eyes closed, which I do in 50 % of my pictures. Good thing there's a delete-button.

I decided to loose the jacket;

- sit down and look like someone who's just been pushed over. I wasn't pushed, I promise, but my self-confidence is currently on vacation.

I'm currently wearing knee-tights from Lindex, dress and shoes from JSFN, the overused belt by my grandmother, jacket from Cubus and hat from H&M.

An explanation for a fixation

The tiny, cold things falling from the sky; someone once told me it was called rain.

If humans were made of glass, I imagine this is what we would look like.

- which would make this the way we viewed the world.

I guess this would be the explanation for my gray fixation

(although it was sunny and warm today).

I have this gray fascination

I love wearing gray these days. Using different textures and enjoying the silent statements that behold it. When spring first arrived here in Norway, I refused to wear different scales of gray - but it seems that I've grown this summer and maybe opened my mind a bit.

I would say that this pose says it all; I feel comfortable - yet humble. Easily drifting in to a somewhat dreamy state of mind.

However, this is most likely a seasonable thing, as I often find myself a bit too emotional in the fall.

I should stop talking now, zip it up, maybe - just to make an obvious joke.

But I have to say: these boots are meant for walking, and I will be wearing them tomorrow when I go to the city with my mother.

I'm wearing zipper-top from Cubus, long cardiethingy from Sorbet, faux-leather leggins from Cubus, scarf from H&M and shoes from Jsfn.

A lack of color

I finally found the time to take pictures of my outfit, although I must admit slacking off with some comfy-pants and tees the last few days.

I need more practise, it seems, with my camera. I have been stubborn when it comes to different programs, and I promised myself when I first got it that I wouldn't use them. I'm dedicated to the manual settings of each photo, which may cause bad pictures, but great experience.

I didn't really go for the broken-ballerina-pose, it just kind of happened. But I guess that's ok, I miss my dancing-days anyways.

Our cats have a tendency of craving attention when I use my camera, but in this case they were more like ghost-cats! I have to tell you; these kitties have the most amazing personalities ever - but I will write about that some other time.

I'm wearing a gray dress from Cubus, but I chose to use the ribbon as a headband and my grandmothers DIY-belt. Shoes from Attitude and a long cardie from H&M.

For drinks at Druen

I truly love this place, especially when we get to live on the first floor, and not the fourth like last time (which was without elevator, and me smoking and running down the stairs every half hour).

Anyways, we went to Druen on Aker brygge to meet an "old" friend for drinks, and I had the best time ever. I loved the relaxed feeling of just chatting, drinking beer and reminiscing. It was totally awesome, and I can't wait to meet up with him tomorrow for Fam Irvolls show!

My lover took these pictures, and I am wearing a dress from Gina Tricot (which I tied backwards just to get a bow), vest and hat from H&M, jacket from KappAhl, shoes from Ellos, glasses from coolshop and a purse I got from a really, really deserted buitoque.

When I went shopping today, I wore this

I got a weird feeling this morning when I woke up. No coffee, no barking and no little babycat pushing me out of bed.

However, my lover is quite eager to get me out of bed; not in a naughty kind of way, but because she is the most reasonable one of us two. I would just spend the day in bed, until the fashionshow starts - but not her, she want to get up and experience the day.

And you might think: Barbro; you don't want to shop? Take advantage of the city? What the hell is wrong with you? All I can say is that I am more excited about the shows, and the beer afterward.

I feel kind of sad that these aren't more like my regular pictures, I love the wild background in my pictures. The nature and the feeling of being home, although I love citylife.

I am wearing all Cubus, except from the shoes - they're Ellos :) Oh, and the shades, H&M.

Lace up your life

I feel really weird today, but I don't know why. It could be that I truly need to fix my hair, or the fact that I am going crazy with expectations thinking about fashion week.

Barefoot in the garden, somewhat embarrassed; my mother surprised me by coming home a week earlier than planed, and I felt really stupid running around in the grass with my Louboutins and camera.

Luckily we have a big garden, so I just changed location. This is me, and my lovers.

I was once told that my awkwardness was charming, but mostly I just feel really silly. What can I bring to the world of fashion; a simple girl from the northern parts of Norway?

I really don't know.

But at least I am having fun.

I'm wearing my DIY shorts, my precious Louboutins and my lace top from Jennifer Taylor.

Simplicity : my keyword for the day

Emma and I, just chillin' by the fire. It's kind of cold outside, but the warm fire made it quite comfortable.

It's nice watching the flames; they never look the same, constantly moving and forever changing.

I got quite carried away, and my thoughts easily drifted - although I was taking pictures of myself.

And I kind of like this picture, the flames look like a heart <3

I'm wearing my Attitude flats, only jeans, Cubus tee w/ tiny pocket and Divided by H&M hat.

The purple kid is me

I used to be small and innocent, which my parents took advantage of by putting me in clothes like this. I really have no idea of how old I am here, but if I were to guess it would be four-ish? I was traumatized, (maybe that's why I can't remember), and I really feel sorry for myself. Luckily, that will pass.

- After all, I get to choose my own outfits now.

It's getting darker outside

I was planning to take some pictures this evening, but I forgot the fact that our summernights no longer are bright and calming, like they were last month. It's almost sad, but in a beautiful kind of way.

I got to wear my other pair of new shoes, though, the red ones.

I really like them, I have a thing for red shoes and this is my third pair.

I'm wearing a black dress from Ellos, cardigan from H&M, headband from KappAhl and shoes from Josefsson.

Do you want to meet Georg?

This is Georg, my mothers Chihuahua. He is the sweetest, little bundle of joy I've ever set my eyes on, (and I didn't even like Chihuahuas). He just turned seven months, and he really brighten our days - so I thought I'd share him with you.

Foureys, twoeyes, noeye

I'm wearing my new glasses today! They make me feel a bit geekish, believe it or not, but I love them.

I am not falling over, just so you know, I am looking for my signature pose.

I'm running out of ideas, but getting closer to it. Do you have one?

These shoes are truly amazing, I am totally inloving them. They fit me like the glass shoe fits Cinderella. I promise you, I will be waring them all through Oslo Fashion Week.

I'm wearing glasses from coolshop (yeah, I know), shoes from Ellos, jacket and jeans from Cubus, t-shirt from Levis and a silk tie from my lovers wardrobe.