Simplicity : my keyword for the day

Emma and I, just chillin' by the fire. It's kind of cold outside, but the warm fire made it quite comfortable.

It's nice watching the flames; they never look the same, constantly moving and forever changing.

I got quite carried away, and my thoughts easily drifted - although I was taking pictures of myself.

And I kind of like this picture, the flames look like a heart <3

I'm wearing my Attitude flats, only jeans, Cubus tee w/ tiny pocket and Divided by H&M hat.


  1. i like the last picture too! and simplicity - i love it!


  2. You're right! That last photo is fantastic! I have a weird obsession with fire, not in a bad way though.

    The outfit looks great & you rock the hat well! =)

    Bambola x

  3. you look chic in such a simple outfit! i love it.

    p.s. i dunno if you'd want to come live with's been over 100 degrees here in my neighborhood. :(

  4. I love that this look is simple,chic and comfortable at the same time !

    Yes yes,the flames in the last photo looks like a heart !

    Love your photos all the time . They're beautiful . Does someone take your photos ?

  5. thesidneygirl:
    Thank you very much, that's so sweet of you!

    Weird obsessions are good :D We all need a little weirdness in our lives. Thank you for the nice comment, I really appreciate it!

    Thanks a lot :) 100 degrees is a little bit too much for me, yes. Hope all is well, though!

    Valencia Lia:
    Thank you so, so much! I take my own photos, I just use a timer :)

  6. oh i like the simplicity!

    and as for tfs, i only have a few left and the last time i sent out tfs invites, i sent them to the first 5 people who asked me for them! Im thinking of doing some sort of something (contest, etc) to give away the rest but im not ready to part with my last few just yet, because i have some close friends who want some as well!

  7. tusen takk for kommentar=)
    fine bilder=)

  8. I love your hat. You are definitely rockin' the casual chic look--a little modern Katherine Hepburn almost.

  9. I love your laid-back style - and I too love and love fire.;))
    I agree with the shape of the heart on the last picture - how extraordinary of you to notice that.;)
    Have a great Friday.;)

  10. Herlige bilder! Og det siste bilde med at bålet ser ut som et hjerte var skikkelig kult :)

  11. miss_vogue:
    Thank you very much!
    That's ok, I understand - thanks for answering :)

    Linda i Florida:
    Selv takk!

    The Clothes Horse:
    Thank you so much, that's sweet of you - I LOVE Katherine Hepburn <3

    Yes, it was =)

    Fire can be really beautiful, yes. You are such a sweetheart, your comments really brightens my day - you're too kind to me :)

    Takk! Ja, jeg var visst litt heldig med det bildet :)

    Thanks hun!

  12. Anonymous7:04 PM

    love your pictures:)!

  13. Du er så pen, og alt kler den smukke, aka du ser alltid flott ut, uansett hva du har på. :) Tenk over det om jeg får bruke deg som modell en gang på skolen, skal jo være der i to år, så du har god betenkningstid. :)

    Hjerte. <3

  14. Flames are so realxing.
    Your outfit is awesome!
    thanks for visit my blog always ^^

  15. really nice pictures.

  16. nb.original:
    Thank you, I'll visit your blog asap =)

    Du er så søt, spesielt når du prøver å overtale meg med supersøte komplimenter ;)


    Thank you too :D



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