When I went shopping today, I wore this

I got a weird feeling this morning when I woke up. No coffee, no barking and no little babycat pushing me out of bed.

However, my lover is quite eager to get me out of bed; not in a naughty kind of way, but because she is the most reasonable one of us two. I would just spend the day in bed, until the fashionshow starts - but not her, she want to get up and experience the day.

And you might think: Barbro; you don't want to shop? Take advantage of the city? What the hell is wrong with you? All I can say is that I am more excited about the shows, and the beer afterward.

I feel kind of sad that these aren't more like my regular pictures, I love the wild background in my pictures. The nature and the feeling of being home, although I love citylife.

I am wearing all Cubus, except from the shoes - they're Ellos :) Oh, and the shades, H&M.


  1. Shots are awesome! Edgy :) Sounds like it was a different day so...it is fitting! Hope the experence was a good one!

  2. You look gorgeous! And the indoor shots work - esp with the clean lines & contrast against the black. <3 x

  3. elsker antrekket. so simple, yet so fashion. <3 rawr! hvor høye er skoene? og hva i alle (/&"¤#"# skal du ha på i dag? og hvor høye sko? jag får ångast!

  4. Frøken fryd, jeg blir mer og mer sikker på at du satt rett foran meg på OfF sin pressefrokost. Var du der? ;)

  5. SV: haaah, syntes det var noe kjent ja ;) Du så veldig søt ut!

  6. i think that the city vibe is totally captured in these.
    great job!



  7. thatsorad:
    Thanks, I worked with what I had :)

    Thank you!

    dusten :p

    Det gjorde jeg :) Tusen takk!

    Thank you very much!


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