Grounded for life

I don't know where this new found calmness comes from. Or, I do know, but I'm finding it hard to believe - and understand. It's all a little confusing, to be honest. I've always been a sensitive girl, and a little (a lot) strange, but this feels different somehow. Maybe I'm having a manic episode/mental breakdown, and I don't even realize it. If I am, that's OK, because it's making me feel good, and everything that makes me feel good is OK in my book. Calmness is not something that comes easy for me, it never has been, so I'm welcoming it with my arms (and chakras) wide open.

I'm just feeling more grounded. It's weird, because I always thought I was rather down to earth, but now I see that I might have been floating around like an old balloon for quite some time. Much like the ones that escape from children's sticky McDonald's fingers and just float around aimlessly for a couple of weeks. I'm glad I'm not that balloon anymore. It's nice down here where the wild flowers grow, and the hedgehogs wobbles. I think I'll stay here for a while.


Ph. Julie Pike

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