Haunted by the feeling that simply to be human is to be guilty.

Do you, or your kids, get surprised when you see a wild animal; except squirrels in a park or pigeons on the street? How many butterflies did you see last summer? When is the last time you were stung by a wasp? Does anyone you know have skin cancer? Have the trees in your neighborhood always looked so sad? Where are all the birds? And frogs? Has the stream you played by as a kid dried up? Are there no fish left in the lake up north?

Think about it. I mean, really think about it.

Our lungs aren't designed to withstand and fight polluted air every day. Our eyes aren't just windows made for us to peer out at different screens all day. Our hands are meant for more than typing on a keyboard and pressing buttons all day. We need to start thinking about the future, and act accordingly. Actually see the extreme warning signs nature is hurling at us, take responsibility, and do something. Don't ignore your instincts. The simple truth is that rising temperatures doesn't just impact your electricity bill because you need more air condition during summer. It kills wild life.

Do you care?

"The animals may not be able to thank us for allowing them to live, and they certainly wouldn’t do the same thing for us if our positions were reversed. But it’s we, not they, who need life to have meaning".
- From Carbon capture by Jonathan Franzen

Are you happy?

Meaning in life isn't money, promotions, town houses, designer clothes, two cars. Meaning is love, and happiness. To breathe fresh air, make love, turn the world into a better place, grow, understand, hurt and heal. Not obliterate the very reason for our existence.

So, why are we destroying what gives life meaning? Why are we killing the one planet that can sustain life itself?

Take a step back, and see the big picture. It's pretty fucked up.

Some days I feel like we, the human race, are the worst thing that has ever happened to earth. Worse than the five big extinctions. We're like an infection that won't go away. A deadly virus. And it makes me so sad. I feel responsible, guilty, angry. And very lonely. Do you ever feel like that?

Some damages are irreversible. Some species are lost forever. But it's not too late to change our history. It's not too late to make sure generations after ours will have clean air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat.

Are you wondering what you can actually do right now? Here are 50 ways to help the planet! You don't have to become a vegan to act responsibly, or live in a hut made from recycled wine bottles. The small stuff matters. If we all just do a little more, change a little bit and think further ahead - we can actually make a difference. Please, care.

Title quote by Jonathan Franzen


  1. I've actually just written a post about why I'll be voting 'Green' in the forthcoming UK elections, so this post really resonated. REALLY resonated.

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Rosalind. Heading over to read your post on the subject right now :)

  2. I do. I have always been of the opinion that human race is the worst possible type of disease, and mother nature commited an attrocity when it created mankind. So I try to make a difference in the small things I can control, and try to teach my son. Hope I am being successful. Thanks for this post, Barbro.

    1. Thank you very much, Miranda, for reading and for your comment. We all need to care more. Truly. It's in our best interest <3

  3. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Så viktig! Skulle ønske flere tenkte over det, vi holder faktisk på å ødelegge denne fine kloden.

  4. I often experience the horrific loneliness and guilt you described watching my fellow humans and their destructive ways. It's terribly tragic, the sense of helplessness most of all. If we each continue sharing and voicing, as you have so eloquently done, what wonders can happen then? Hope sustains us all. Thank you for sharing.


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