F*ck it - I just want to be happy.

Sweater & pants - Only // Rings - Tom Wood // Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell // On my lips - Neon something from The Body Shop

You know how everyone is always talking about how they wish they could just quit their job and follow their dreams? Or how they complain about this and that - and never really start living their lives? How they wish they could just say "fuck it - I just want to be happy"?

I think people talk too much, and act to little. Yes, you too!

Then you turn around and you try this thing called following your dreams, and people do nothing but judge you and talk about you behind your back. It's a viscous circle. But why do we really care?

I'm really trying to pursuit my happiness; my dreams and my idea of life. Yes, some months I can't pay my bills. Some months I can only eat pasta and sausages. But I don't care. I'm perfectly happy snuggling up in blankets on the sofa with my lover - even though it's because I can't afford to turn the heat up. I gladly boil some water and drink a cup of tea instead of going out to a crowded bar - I actually prefer it most of the time. I love shopping in second hand store, and though I'm no stranger to designer cravings and fast fashion flashes - I reuse, recycle, invest and recognize what's good for me, my family and the environment.

I don't need the new it-bag to be happy. I don't need a magazine to tell me what's hot and what's not. Most of the time I just wear what I want to wear, and even though people may look at me funny - I really don't pay that much attention to them anyways. I am that self centered. Just like you. We are the main characters of our own lives. There's no shame in that, so you just play your role and let the supporting characters do whatever the hell they want.

There, I said it. Now; back to the usual program.


  1. Absolutely true! I wish I could act on it all the time! But some times it easy to give up and give in to what other say an do. We tend to pity ourself without seeing that the solution is to take action and do something to make us happy. And we often feel bad for being happy although everything isn't going that great in life. But that should not be the case! Thank you for bringing the fight back in me with such lovely thoughts and words :)

  2. How I agree with you!!! Life's circumstances have led me to be unemployed for the past 3 years, and made me become a fulltime homemaker and mother. My laste few jobs, I hated them, they sucked the life, the joy out of me, and I always made it a point of working part time so I could have time to be a mother and a homemaker at the same time as I was a part of the work force. Unfortunately I live in a country in which his is not perceived under a good light, and women who do not work and are stay at home mums - something quite common in other parts of the world!! - are seen as layzbums, failures, bimbos, and individuals who are completely dependent of another person to go through life - because they do not earn any money, they are seen as non existent. It's all very well to say we do not care what others think, but the type of isolation this leads to can be quite hard, can be quite monstrous and difficult to deal with. Even though I know that I have pulled away from my former friends, I also feel that I did it because they made me feel bad about myself for my lifestyle, my choices, my self being. So it is fair to say that if now I feel rather lonely and isolated, I have brought that upon myself, for not wanting to conform to society's rules, for not wanting to feel bad in the presence of others than try to diminish me at every sentence, and I have ended up doing what I think is best for me and my family - being a homemaker and a stay at home mom, despite of having a lot less money - but still feeling bad about myself, and lonesome, and a failure. If only our heads could be easier to deal with, huh? ;)

  3. I really admire you for what you are doing. it actually takes a lot of guts to overcome all obstacles and follow your dreams. I wish I was as brave. never give up! I love you for this <3

  4. Dear Barbro,

    You just made my day. :)


  5. Amen, sister. I love this outfit, these words, and you. I've been focusing a lot lately on the importance of being happy and how to handle when our happiness takes us "off the beaten path". Sometimes the hardest thing is letting go of the pressures and judgments. Thanks for keeping it real, lovely. xx


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