Polka dot is a pattern consisting of an array of filled circles, generally equally sized and spaced relatively closely in relation to their diameters.

Shorts - Savannah // Blouse - thrifted (Trade Day) // Tights - Random // Sparkle socks - Random // Rings - Tom Wood // Shoes - Villain

Last week was a complete disaster for me, so I just kept away from everything in general. I did wear some clothes, though - at least for the first half of Wednesday. Like this over dotted ensemble. I was trying to make myself feel better by wearing dots and a hint of color, but it didn't exactly work. Initially, I wore a different pair of shoes, but they fell completely apart on my way downtown, so I had to buy some new ones. I didn't even enjoy shopping for shoes, so I guess that says a lot.

Hope you're having a better month than I am, lovelies!
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  1. But they are cute. They look like those Miu Miu that existed once.
    Cute outfit. I love when people used a pattern like, a lot. It looks so good.

    That ugly week is over, so YEY!!

    Kisses B!

    1. They are indeed very cute ^^,

      I think I'm scared of too much patterns, so this is mellow enough to work for me ;)

      Big hug to you, sweet M!

  2. I love the laying of print it makes a great statement but in a low key way.


  3. What lip color are you wearing?

  4. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Hope things improve soon- shoe shopping should be fun.

    1. Haha, it should indeed! Feeling a little better now, thanks a lot <3

  5. Very cute outfit! Love the lipstick! :)

  6. Hope you're better now, sweetie!

    Your makeup is superb <3

    I used to hate shopping for shoes...but now I'm kind of addicted to it! ;)

    kiss kiss, Nádia
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