Same shorts, different cape

I decided to do a remix with these shorts of mine using different capes to create different looks. I'm thinking about three or four; including the white one I posted earlier this week. These shorts are probably the item I've featured most often on my blog, as I just think they go with everything - which also is why I wanted to use them in this remix. It's a very whimsical look, I think; and though I'm not the most colorful person out there - I'm always up for a challenge when it comes to clothes! I do love experimenting, and this cape is perfect for that! It's a very unique and strong piece which just fits perfectly over my shoulders. I think it deserves all the attention it can get, so I combined it with black and gray.

I'm wearing a gifted cape from Vila, shorts from Gina Tricot, stockings and belt from Cubus, hat from H&M, sweater from b.young and wedges via

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  1. Great Pics and look!!!

  2. I absolutely love this look, and that cape! It's nice to see you in colour every so often, especially with the perfect white landscape!

  3. Especially loving the bright pink stripes on the cape!

  4. Another lovely cape!!

    And I adore your shoes <3 May I ask where you got them?

  5. Anonymous6:39 PM

    great post ;)

  6. im gonna go check out now for those bootie wedges! fingers crossed.


  7. crative, goodlookin' girl :D

  8. Love the colors in that cape!

  9. Beautiful cape! It is very colorful! :)

  10. The capes are so fun. I don't know how you wear shorts in this weather, that's awesome.
    My Heart Blogged

  11. Anonymous8:17 AM

    What a great look! The colours are perfect together.


  12. @Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys
    Thank you, Emily! I was especially pleased with how these pictures turned out because of the colors. Such great contrasts :)

  13. @Samantha Nandez
    Thanks! I got these at last year, unfortunately, I don't think they have them any more :(

  14. @Michelle Elaine
    Oh, let me know if you see them - I'm one of those who buys an extra pair of the shoes I just LOVE unless they are very expensive, though :p

  15. @My Heart Blogged
    Haha, I don't know what I would do if I didn't wear shorts in winter - I'm just not a pants girl :p Thanks, sweets!

  16. @Anna:
    Thank you, I really appreciate that! Loving a little bit of colors for this remix :D

  17. Hi there!

    OHH my goodness, love this outfit so much! Love the cape, it's totally breathtaking. The colors are just amazing! Love love love this look. You're stunning.


  18. That cape is AMAZING!!! Total show stealer!!! ;)

    Love the otk socks too!

    The photographs look VERY beautiful, as always, Barbro! Love the way you played with the tree with your gorgeous hair! :)

  19. This is going to my inspiration folder. I'm so going to try this on winter. LOve the colors. You know, that kind of capes, in those colors are so popular here in chile, handmade and all that. I'll look for a good one.

    Kisses Dear!

  20. @Kristel Louisa
    Hi Kristel! So glad you like it, especially since it's such a break from my usual looks! Thanks a lot :D

  21. @Nádia
    Oh, wow, thanks! :D I'm loving these pictures myself, I really miss summer and the sun, so that's probably why ^^,

  22. @Melissa~
    Melissa, you're the best! I'd die if I could get my hands on a real Chile handmade cape, it sounds absolutely stunning! I can only imagine what beauties you have over there; hoping one day to visit <3


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