Get your knit on!

I know, such a lame title. Here's my third version of the "same shorts, different cape"-remix. This is more my color-palette, or what I believe is my color-palette. I can't seem to figure myself out. I've always loved wearing black and grays, and though many people feel uncreative wearing a monotone palette like this, I find it very inspiring! I love knits as well; so it's perfect for me.
On a more personal note: I finally built up the courage to buy myself a pair of Litas. I've been craving them so badly since I first saw them, but I've never been the girl that buys $150- $200 shoes - just because I'm poor and really can't afford that. Anyways, today I placed my order. Figured I could eat snow the rest of the season, as long as I could wear my Litas while doing it! Oh, and if you're feeling humanitarian and want to join me in these snow-eating months, I noticed they had free worldwide shipping over at Just don't eat yellow snow.

I'm wearing Cubus cape, Gina Tricot shorts, Cubus stockings, random sweater and boots via

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  1. Great Look!!!

  2. ååå...alltid fagre Barbro :)

    Dette var nydelig sammensatt

  3. I love this outfit!! That cape is absolutely wonderful, I love the cowl neck.

  4. oh yes, yellow snow is bad, very bad, not that I tried it.

    COngrats for the litas, then you can tell me how it feels to walk on them.
    And fuck food, litas are more important. As you said, you can eat snow, drink water, eat popcorn, gum, I don't know, but for the litas, anything.

    Love that cape, I think it's my favoutire by far. the second picture is brilliant, there was a little bit of sun there! Or it was a ghost?

    Hugs Barbro!

  5. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Nice Knit:)

  6. @Samantha Nandez
    Thank you! The cowl neck is one of my favorite features as well; so snuggly and warm :D

  7. @Melissa~
    Thank you, sweetheart - I'll be sure to tell you! I imagine they wont be totally different from the Asos platforms I already have ^^,

    I'm glad you like this look as well! It really is so comfortable and simple; I kind of favor it as well :) AND THAT SURE IS THE SUN! <3

    Big hugs back!

    Thanks! I'm somewhat of a knit-nut ^^,

  9. Absolutely stunning!

  10. you have such gorgeous long legs to pull off the outfit nicely.
    great poncho and boots !

  11. Anonymous5:51 PM


    WOW! Thank you for the "Reader spotlight" ! Have wonderful thursday evening !

    BIG xxx,

    Mr Johansen

  12. Gorgeous photographs, yet again, Barbro!

    I LOVE your color pallet, it's my fav too! ;)

    Oh, and you're getting some Litas??? How cool is that! :p Oh, which color, btw? Black I guess! ;)

  13. ohhh, too bad you've fallen to the lita madness, I can't stand to see those shoes. love your cape though!

  14. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Gorgeous cape Barbro! I love the cowl neck. It makes it looks so cozy and warm. I have a cape very similar that I just adore in the winter months. I've worn it to work so much lately that even guys have started to notice and comment on it. So, perhaps I should leave it at home for a week ha!
    Congrats on your Litas. I say you make snow cones! xx

  15. Anonymous6:21 PM

    gorgeous...., beautiful pics ;))

  16. @Vinda Sonata
    Haha, thank you! The thigh-highs make my legs look longer, though ^^,

  17. @Torgeir
    No worries, my readers are very important to me <3

  18. @Nádia
    Thank you, Nádia! Haha, how did you ever guess I ordered them in black?! :p

  19. @duckalicious
    Haha, yeah, I'm weak! But, I do love platforms because of my height-complexes - so it was kind of inevitable :)

  20. @centersage
    Haha, thank you so much! I do that too - fall hard for one specific item and wear it all the time! Snow cones sounds perfect!

  21. Grey and black looks boring on other people, never on you!

  22. @Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys
    Wow, you think so? That's such a huge compliment - thank you!

  23. love love love that chunky knit!
    Congrats on the shoes, it's hard to push the order button on something like that but I'm sure you'll be glad you did! Enjoy!

  24. @Ashleigh
    Thanks, Ashleigh! It was really hard to push that button indeed, but I've been craving them real bad and had to give in. I'm so weak. But, happy. Or, I will be when I get them :p

  25. I don't think your too lame! This outfit is quite adorable! I love the cowl-neck cape. You look great.
    My philosophy is its ok to treat yourself as long as you know you can pay your bills and other necessary items. ;)

  26. Anonymous5:06 AM

    so simple yet stunning! you look extremely elegant :) xx

  27. I know everyone feels uncreative in black but it's so chic, and simple. Head to toe black will always be my go to outfit.
    My Heart Blogged

  28. Anonymous3:19 AM

    Les hele bloggen, ganske bra


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