Winner: Heavy Machine

You guys have been such great sports this last week, and a total of one hundred and twenty three wonderful people left a comment on my Heavy Machine giveaway! But, unfortunately there can only be one winner of this awesomeness - and that lucky girl is:

Tanya from Starry Eyed!

Congratulations! Your comment was lucky number 36, which picked out for me as the winner. I am super jealous!

Tanya had never heard of Heavy Machine before this giveaway, but favored the Nostalgic Chick instantly. Their unique design and bright red color really appealed to her; and was actually the pair you guys favored the most as well. Tanya told me she likes Heavy Machine because their shoes come in a variety of colors, and because they can be coordinated with any outfit. I couldn't agree more! When you usually spend $25 to $45 on a pair of shoes (like I do too); these ones are what I consider a real tease. The girl behind Starry Eyed normally wears Charlotte Russe heels, but told me, as she kindly answered a few questions for me via mail, that:

"I will rock The Maggies with leggings and a loose top. I am super excited about winning and can't wait to wear them!!"

To those of you that didn't win: you know I love you - and because of that you guys are getting a 15% discount for 15 days over at! That's pretty awesome! The discount code is "barbro", which you type in at the check-out. I know it's not as good as a free pair of heels from the SS2011 collection - but it's pretty close! So, go get yourself a pair of discounted Heavy Machine wonders - courtesy of Barbro Andersen!


  1. ohh, i had for me, but the girl is lucky !

  2. tu es jolie :) je trouve que tu ressembles un peu à "the cherry blossom girl" .. :)

  3. eheh congratulations to Starry :) i won't use the code but thank you i guess :)

  4. @LUU H.
    Yeah, I'm totally jealous myself!

    Oh, merci! <3

    Indeed! I can't afford these kinds of shoes myself, either. But, a girl can dream! And, for those who can, 15% is a pretty decent discount :)


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