"An Ambush," said Owl, "is a sort of Surprise."

I styled this EXR Pucca tee in a couple of different ways, before I decided to go with a playful romantic style. I had so much fun wearing it, I even did a little dance in front of the camera - just because the design got me in a really good mood. This means that you probably will have a laugh when the Octobers sum-up of my wearings is published in my series of moving pictures! I wanted to try matching it with this skirt, even though they're both in totally different styles. I do love a challenge, and mixing styles really is a lot of fun.

A little review:
I'd rate this product at 4 out of 5: mostly because I had so much fun wearing it! It was soft and felt good against my skin; very comfortable and loose. I did wish for a large size; because, (you know me) - I love over-sized clothes. This tee has an unusual cut, which is refreshing; and I really like the length. You can't see it since I tucked it in, but it actually ends at the middle of my thighs. The fabric did however seems a bit weak and somewhat sheer; which generally means that it wont last very long. I hope it will prove me wrong.

I'm wearing EXR Pucca shirt, BikBok skirt, Cubus tights and belt, H&M hat and my GoJane booties. This is a part of my collaboration with the Korean site; Iyozo. If you want to see how other girls styled their EXR products, check it out here! Quote from Winnie the Pooh.


  1. Anonymous7:09 PM

    lovely! the hair looks super cool! xoxo

  2. lovely outfit, again! the tee looks so good tucked into that skirt, just wondering how long ti really is since you wrote you like the length...? Love the cut of it as well. Your hair looks great :)

    xxx Charlie

  3. this is a fun look!


  4. Really cute skirt!!

  5. @Some Style...
    Thanks, sweets! I really like it as well! A nice change from that bun, you know :)


    It actually ends on the middle of my thighs, but since I tucked it into the skirt like that - it doesn't show :)

    Thanks for commenting, Charlie!

    Thanks, Heather!

    Thank you :)

  6. love when the sun is right back your head ! lovely shot !

  7. The picture are beautifull, with this sun... And I love the colors of the T-Shirt, with the romantic skirt!
    Beautifull hair do! Is it a braid or just a ponytail?

  8. @LUU H.
    Thank you, sweetie! The girl, Ellen, that took some pictures of me late this summer actually learned me a couple of tricks :D

    Thank you! Haha, that's actually a very good question, Mathilde! It's kind of a twirled pony-tail to the side. I don't know how else to explain it ^^,

  9. Love it! You really rocked that shirt, specially with the shoots! Great movement and lights.
    I'll be waiting for the sum-up :)

    Kisses Dear!

  10. I love it when you do your hair like that! Very beautiful.

  11. Fantistic new re Vogue. Congratulations. Another lovely post here. You look great as always. Xxxx

  12. I've already made you a comment in Chictopia, but there's nothing like drooping here at your blog and saying a real "Hi!". ;)

    I loved your outfit and I LOVED the pics, especially the two last pics!!! <3


  13. I love how you styled the oversized tee with such a girly skirt. They look really good together! And I want that hat!

  14. lovely coordination! i like that flower printed skirt!

  15. Cute skirt and gorgeous shoes!


  16. omg I love your skirt!! I want one like yours ;)
    beautoful outfit btw!

    Check out our fashion illustrations at Illustrated-Moodboard.com ! = )


  17. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Love this ensemble.


  18. adorable skirt and cool boots! great pics too!


  19. Anonymous1:22 AM

    The hair! It's to die for, can you plz let us in on the secret? Step by step guide, prehaps? <3

  20. Nydelig kombinasjon og jeg tror jeg må prøve meg på den hårsveisen der - den så bare fantastisk ut =)


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