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You know me; always looking for something special - that one-of-a-kind item! I do love shopping in boutiques as well, and when unique budget buys AND boutique are keywords - I'm game! Álainn • Bella is one of those treasures. This store was born just last January, so it's still a baby - but man does it have some cute things to start off its first year! The owner is 23 year old Megan O’Donnell from New York, and I asked her a couple of questions about her newborn baby!Tell me about the concept?
The concept of my store came from my personal preferences. I always love to shop at smaller boutique-like stores because the pieces are normally stand-outs and because the styles available have so much thought and consideration put in to them, but then again boutiques tend to be pricey. So I wanted to mix the best of the best. Lower prices that you find in a bigger store, but with the selections and styling of a boutique. I intend to hopefully open a brick and mortar in a few years time. I LOVE shopping and I never get tired of it! So now I get to go shopping and offer my suggestions to other girls on a budget as well. I try to keep all items at an attainable price because I believe you can dress well without spending $300 on one piece.

What are àlainn bellas preferences?
Whenever I’m choosing the items for the store, I really only pick things that I personally would wear. But my style is diverse so I don’t ever intend to have all items that would be considered one type of style (i.e. tough, feminine, etc). I try to get a good mix of classics and trends as well, but even when buying trends I try to get refined ones so the even when the trend is long gone you can still wear it. Because who wants to spend money on something that will be out in a few months time? I want my money to be well spent and I know I’m not alone in that.

Megans favorites right now?
While I would wear almost everything in the store, I’m crushing majorly on the striped color block sweater, the geary skirt which is a great basic, the Serena jeggings, and the quad clutch. So I’m going to need to buy them for myself before they’re gone!!

My favorites right now:
I do love dresses, and these three very versatile ones are my favorites. A two-toned jersey mini dress in navy and gray, with pockets. This blue beauty from the sale-section and this gray ruffle neck string dress, with straps that can be worn either straight down the back or criss-cross.

- So, why am I writing about álainn • bella? Well, you have probably figured it out by now, but I'm going to say it anyways. I love budget beauties and since Megan is such an awesome girl; you guys are getting a 20% discount on her whole shop! (well, except sales - which are too cheap to pass on by the way) The discount-code is barbro and it’s good for a whole month! Happy fall discount shopping, my lovely readers!

Megan asked me to make sure you shoot her an e-mail before placing your order if you live outside North America - so that she can estimate the shipping-costs. This way there are no surprises for anyone!


  1. Hello Barbro,

    I just watched your videos and totally in love with them. You're such a creative person, I love your work! You're a great great person, I adore you so much.


  2. Anonymous2:55 PM

    beautiful! love the blue dress :) xxs

  3. Just found your blog and I love it!

  4. Love love LOVE Alaninn Bella!! Thank you so much for this amazing discount lovely! :D
    I fell in love with everything!
    *smoocheroos and huggaroos! <3


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