The White Baron + Barbro Andersen

Yesterday I had a very exciting meeting with Alexander Schinkerin from Norwegian start-up fashion house; The White Baron. You may remember him from Oslo Fashion Week a couple of weeks ago! I got to hear about how the idea originally started, his goals, thoughts and ambitions surrounding this creative adventure. I must say that I'm very impressed. I'm so happy I got to meet with him, and was very surprised when he allowed me to borrow two bags filled with wonderful accessories from the debut collection - and some other little secrets! How lucky am I!? Today I present to you my version of the reinvented Cossack hat, combined with some wonderful knitted pants. My outfit is obviously very inspired by the military as well, with a little bit of attitude.
I'm wearing a vintage shirt, The White Baron cossack hat (faux-fur) and awesome knitted riding-inspired pants. Shoes via

By the way: thank you so much for voting for me in the photo-contest! I really, really hope I win so that I get to share both the prize with you guys and take my blog on a journey to somewhere amazing! Keep it up - you can vote once a day! I'm so grateful!


  1. I loved the cossack hats from the White baron show! You are so lucky to have one!!
    Great outfit too, and you are so pretty!

  2. You must be one of only 10 girls in the world who can wear those pants wel – bravo!

  3. (Grr. I meant "well", of course, not "wel" :)

  4. Barbro this is so amazing! I feel so proud, like almost mom proud xD
    It must be so amazing have the chance to meet him. I think that meet a designer is always so inspiring. And even more amazing when he let you play with his creations.

    That knited pants are brilliant! I didn't realize that they were knitted till I saw the zoom picture,and they totally rock. And that hat, my mom would kill for it, she loves fur hats.
    Your interpretation is so great. I like how the vintage shirt looks, the print is perfect. every piece of the outfit has so much personality, and they work so god together.

    Really great work Barbro.


    PS: I'm voting voting voting for you :)

  5. voted for you, because i think you deserve it. I guess you're lucky ..yup. I'm always curious how you get to meet those "high society people", though i understand that you go to fashion shows and stuff and that's a part of it. just thinking ..sorry :P

  6. Heldige du :D!
    Og som vanlig ser du herlig fantastisk ut. Gorgeous girl ♥

  7. You have taken some amazing photos recently. I am finally managing to catch up on blogs Ive been missing and your photos are stunning. Love the blouse in these photos, so pretty!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home
    Daisy Dayz Day Zero Challenge

  8. amazing photos as always barbro !
    and i wanna snag that furry hat of your head ! its just tooo cozy and chic !

  9. Chic and fabulous! Great photos!

  10. Wow, you look lovely! Lucky you and lucky him too, to have such a gorgeous doll wearing his stuff! :) <3 Loving the side ponytail! :)

    Voted today! Hope you won! Deserved totally!


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