Little silky riding hood

This hooded scarf is called a Bashlyk. A Bashlyk is a traditional Iranian, Turkic and Cossack cone-shaped headdress hood; usually made out of leather, felt or wool. It is originally an ancient round topped felt bonnet with lappets for wrapping around the neck. This one is however made out of water-resistant silk, and is designed by The White Baron. I tried to glam it down a bit, and put my creative mind to work with the purpose of making it casually chic. I already know it would give a glamorous evening look an extra umph, but incorporating it into a daily outfit was rather tricky. I don't have a lot of silky items in my closet, so this became quite a challenge. I ended up mixing it with knits and lace details, as well as these new wedged booties. I kind of felt like a modern "little red riding hood"; 2010 silky edition.
I'm wearing The White Baron Balshlyk, thrifted lace top, H&M knitted cardigan, Cubus tights, Stradivarius skirt and DNA wedged booties.


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  2. You are so lucky to have some white baron items in your closet!
    Lovely outfit as well, you pulled it off perfectly!

  3. This is a great futuristic look !

    See U !

  4. Anonymous4:51 PM

    i have trouble believing it was that tricky since you look great in everything! love it :) xx

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