Moving pictures

Since you guys seemed to like my little video-thingy last week, I decided to make it kind of a monthly feature - at least for now. I've heard change is supposed to be good, and even I think these videos are kind of funny. Besides; now I get to use all of my pictures for something constructive, and it all doesn't feel so wasted. I guess there's no further explanation needed! Here's the August sum-up!

I can't really decide which site to use, though. I used YouTube last time, but wanted to try Vimeo as well. Which do you prefer?


  1. Digger disse, kult at det vil komme flere :)

  2. HAHAHAHA, ååå, elsker denne, og du er amazing! :D

  3. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Vimeo has a real clean look to it and seemingly better audio. A very nice presentation of lots of different photo session/projects!

  4. tu blog es realmente bueno! grandes post! y fotografías preciosas! enhorabuena!

  5. robyn burde bruke de liksom!!! de er så bra ;) send oss embed coden da, hvis vi får lov å poste? :) luuuuv!

  6. Your so beautiful! I enjoy reading your entries so much, definitely a daily read. Great job on the video it's very creative. Have a great weekend :)



  7. Anonymous12:13 AM

    agree...use vimeo myself..looks more chic and clean, hehe!

    great video..and I just can't get enough of Robyn's Song! love it! ;)

  8. Åh, dette elsket jeg! Mer, mer!
    Du er så fantastisk vakker, Barbro!

  9. I preffer Vimeo. I used youtube too, but I don't know, Vimeo feels more comfy.
    I'm glad that you're going to do this everymonth, I love it. The movement of the pictures is super cool, and see Emma is one of the best things.
    And, you chose really good music too. I still have the music of the first video stuck in my mind.

    Kisses Dear!

  10. Precious!

    I think I prefer Vimeo! It's so clean!!!


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