8000 miles

When we were driving down the 1300 kilometers from our home in northern Norway, which is about 8000 miles, we came across the most beautiful places. We drove mostly during the night and early morning to avoid traffic, and I must say - it was one of our best ideas yet. The beauty was undeniable, and luckily we stopped on several of these places to take some pictures.
This first one is my very favorite! The fog was resting on the water, waiting for the morning sun to break through it. It looked so magical, and even twice as magical with its mirrored reflection on the surface.I walked across a field of misty flowers to get these shots. It was still cold, and my legs seemed to be made out of sponges, as the water was clinging to them.
This was taken on top of the Dovre mountain, which was suitably wrapped in clouds in the late hours of the night. We had to be really quiet, so that we didn't wake it up.


  1. OMG! that must be heaven!

    love it

  2. Those pictures are breathtaking!

    I love Norway, it's such a beautiful country.

  3. Helt utrolig nydelige bilder! For et land vi bor i...:)

  4. this is ... beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
    i am envious.

  5. I don't have words Barbro, really. I'm used to beautifull landscapes, I have a lot here in Chile, but this, this is like...I don't know, beyond beautifull, it's to much. I'm overwhelmed by this. The clouds, the sun, the colors, and I can feel through the pictures that kind of weather, the sun is rising, but the cold is still there, I love that feeling.

    You're so talented, really, because, yeah, the landscape is there, you just have to push the buttom, but is not that simple, is so much more than that, it's find the light, the right frame, the life of the scene, and you did it, you did it perfectly.

    Kisses dear! that was quite a amazing road trip.

  6. These photos are incredible, they're just so beautiful and magical, I love being up early when you get to see amazing sights like this!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  7. oh..... the pictures are sooo beautiful...

  8. Wow such beautiful, stunning photos. Well done you catching these shots!
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  9. amazing pictures.


  10. OMg you really great in photografy and fashion too. you are inspired me I cannot say anything, just AMAZING one million billion times really.
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  11. Gorgeous photos, what a trip!

  12. wow, it looks stunning! the sunlight reflecting off the water in the first image looks so magical and eeire :)



  13. beautiful! i especially love the forth photo!

  14. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Hey you!
    Hope you are doing ok i Oslo :D
    i found this blog ... it reminds me of you ;D just take a look ! :D

    Just L-O-V-E her!

    Have a fantastic Tuesday!

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  15. breath taking. and so is the scenery.

  16. Anonymous8:20 PM

    beautiful photos, I love the last one!

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  18. Really breathtaking landscapes! The most remote place in Norway I have been to is Nordfjordeid and I was completely delighted! Jeg hope jeg vil reise også til Nord-Norge! ;)

  19. Your pictures are so amazing, you're so talented and I love your blog, xoxo

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    you have an amazing blog!
    Will be coming back heaps more,
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  21. The the first three pieces..are really amazing

  22. wow what amazing shots, but moving so far must be hard!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  23. Those photographs are crazy beautiful!!! I came back from my holidays and the first blog I needed to see was yours! Amazing post, as always!




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