Get mad, then get over it.

Dress - Thrifted // Bracelet - Camilla Pihl (which I lost..) // Rings - Tom Wood // Shoes - Via Ebay

I lost this beautiful bracelet the other day. It must have slipped of my wrist when I wasn't paying attention. It was such a beautiful piece, I'm really going to miss is. I never loose things. Or, I never used to loose things. Being the control freak that I am, I'm really mad at myself right now. I can't go back and change it, so I'm just stuck with self loathing at the moment. At least when I'm mad at someone else, I can just ignore them and walk away. It's kind of hard when I'm the one to blame. I turned the apartment upside-down looking for it, without any luck. I can't very well put out an "missing bracelet report"; can I?

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  1. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Ahh, I feel you. I once lost a hairpin when on a holiday, I was pissed off with myself for days!
    I like how there's glitter in the fabric which is not too noticable from afar ^^.

    1. Haha, I hear you - I'm still mad! Trying not to think about it, though ;)

      I really like how subtle the sparkle is as well! Seemed quite scary at first, but I got used to it eventually!

  2. I love this dress! It is just gorgeous! You look fabulous in it.
    I also agree with your title, "get mad, then get over it".
    Too many people in the world today hold grunges and it's not healthy!

    1. Oh, thank you so much, sweetie! I just have to remember to wear a simple slip underneath it, as it is completely see-through ^^,

      Grudges aren't healthy at all! I'm guilty of keeping them too long, but I'm trying to change that!

  3. I completely get you.
    When I get mad with my self, more than angry, I feel frustrated, and that's the worst feeling in my opinion.
    It was such a gorgeous bracelet. But maybe someday you will find it.
    Gorgeous, very 60's dress. I love it, and it look really comfortable.

    Kisses B!!

    1. Yes, indeed! I'm still quite mad at myself, but I can't really change what happened. And I did try my best to find it again, but I guess someone else has given it a happy home now. Oh, well..

      This is a fun dress, without being too loud - if you know what I mean ;) I like that!

      Thanks for commenting, M!

  4. Anonymous1:56 PM

    I hope you were doing something fun when it slipped off your wrist. I lost a favorite bracelet this winter while dancing like a maniac at a Cheater Slicks show. First I was really angry with myself, then I decided it was a worthy sacrifice. At least I lost it while dancing!

    1. Well, I was shopping, so I guess that counts for something? ^^, Haha, but your story sounds like more fun!

  5. Yeah, it stinks when you want everything to be controlled by you but there are just some things we can't foresee or stop from happening. It makes me crazy. That bracelet is so dainty too. You wouldn't have felt it leave your hand. I've had many cases where a necklace just dropped from my neck, but because I wear chunky jewelry, I hear it plop on the ground!

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