Горски вијенац (The Mountain Wreath)

T-shirt - Romwe.com // Shorts - TNDO // Shoes - DinSko

This is what I'm wearing today, and what I wore the other day, so it's safe to say that I'm recycling outfits these days. I never thought I would be addicted to denim shorts, but somehow I've ended up wearing them more than anything else. I guess it's the simplicity of it all that's appealing to me. No fuzz, just shorts.

On another note;
I'm traveling to Montenegro this Saturday. My lover arranged everything for me last night, just because she thinks I deserve a little vacation. How lucky am I!? Montenegro is one of the youngest countries in Europe and I think I'm so lucky I get to spend a whole week there. I can't wait! It seems like such a beautiful place, and I promise I'll take lots of pictures and show you guys when I return!

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.

Shorts - SheInside // Sweater - Cubus // Shoes - thrifted

Yes, this quote is so last century, but it's quite suitable nonetheless. These shorts are rocking. I love the dip dye tassels, they make me want to just ignore the world and go wild. So I kind of did. In the comfort of my own home, that is.
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I have a lot of chameleon qualities, I get very absorbed in my surroundings.

Jumpsuit - Gestuz via Holzweiler Agentur // Bag - Thrifted in Copenhagen // Shoes - Thrifted

Wearing an amazing jumpsuit from Gestuz today. Comfortable and airy, very low maintenance. It's been a lazy summer day today. I plan to eat delicious ice cream for dinner and go to bed early so that I'm well rested for the Mildh Press breakfast tomorrow morning.
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VATLE | Hypnotize A/W 2012

Finally, I have some cool pictures to show you guys from the VATLE show; Hypnotize. These photos are shot by the talented Heidi Kvivik Kavli, which you can see plenty more of right here!

The style? Hip Hop, of course! Think Notorious B.I.G., Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, hip to the hop, big hair, 90's, lashes to infinity and beyond mixed with bold prints and over-sized knits. Motto of the day: You are who you are, and that's that! We put our hands in the air, set the roof on fire and should have called 911, because it really was ah-mazing!

Now we sip champagne when we thirst-ay, uh, damn right I like the life I live, 'cause I went from negative to positive, and it's all. - NOTORIOUS B.I.G.

Can you spot me? What do you think?

Bright lights don't go to my head.

This is what I did last night! Six dancers, two models and yours truly showcased Hypnotize by Vatle. It was be-yond ah-mazing! More pictures to come very soon, but for now I'm snuggled up in a fluffy robe trying to become human again. Picture by my lover <3