Winter is cold. And bitter.

These are the only jeans I've ever liked, and that is saying a lot. It may be because I got them in New York, but since everything about my NY trip was fab-olous - it means they are too! They're from WeSC and fit me like a glove! This knit sweater, however, is another story. It was my first attempt on making one, so it turned out a little bit... weird-looking. I'm not showing you the worst part here, but I can tell you that the seams look like an art-project gone bad, of sorts. It is comfortable, though - which means it's not a complete disaster. Oh, well - can't win them all.

Jeans - WeSC // Knit sweater - DIY // Turtleneck - JSFN // Faux fur collar - Gina Tricot // Faux tail accessories - // Bag - La Palette // Wedges -

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