Tumbling towards ecstasy

Lately, people have been telling me they are intimidated by me, mostly because I look so serious in my pictures. I've said it over and over again, I'm trying to smile, but in the end I just pick the photos where my facial expression looks somewhat OK. That usually doesn't include the smiling ones. Today, however, I couldn't help it, I just love how these shorts turned out! Made by the same recipe as all the previous ones, but they turned out so over-sized because of my new giant circular needles - I couldn't wear them; so I decided to throw them in the washing-machine. And out came this! I'm calling them "tumbled knit shorts".

Tumbled knit shorts - DIY // Sheer top - WeSC // Silk cardigan - unknown // Stockings - Cubus // Shoes - Thrifted

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