I'd like to start by introducing the brand itself; then show my interpretation of items within the collections in separate posts. This way I am completely open about the sponsorship, and there are no doubts regarding the issues of "hidden promotions" and such. I always share my honest opinions, even if the outcome unflattering. Questions? Just contact me here.

We ♥ vintage. The hunt. The find. The fashion! Quality. Originality. Style. The old + new!

Meet Shoppalu, my newest sponsor! Is it vintage? Yes! Is it me? Yes! Shoppalu was launched this year, and is a vintage online store featuring some of the most covetable pieces I've seen in a while. Unique and very stylish, of course. Each piece is handpicked with care, cleaned, and restored to as close to its original condition as possible. The owner of Shoppalu is inspired by east and west coast influences that drives her global search for old, but not forgotten, treasures! I really can't wait to receive my first Shoppalu items, but in the mean time, let's see how Janice answered my questions.

Who are you?
My name is Janice Liu and I'm from Vancouver, Canada. Our company is based in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. I grew up in Vancouver, lived in Montreal during my uni years as well as in Berlin and Amsterdam.

Why did you decide to open a vintage store online?
I decided to open a vintage store because from a business stand point, it's definitely a niche market that few sites are focused on. On a personal level, it gave me a reason to go picking, which I've always loved to do.

Where does the name Shoppalu come from? Does it have a specific meaning?
It's named after my friend Palu, who's an incredibly cool person. I wanted something cute that rolled off the tongue, without sounding pretentious or arrogant.

What do you think makes your store stand out amongst all the other vintage stores?
We're solely online, which definitely differentiates us. We also alter pieces that are too dated. I know many other vintage stores feel that may strip the piece of it's true history, but to us a little tweak goes a long way and really modernize these pieces.

What do you think is the ultimate vintage fashion statement at the moment?
Vintage fur. Definitely.

Some favorites from your store right now?
  • This trench used to be floor length and super 80s. We shortened it, and took out the shoulder pads. The level of fabrication that clothes used to be made with is seen in the quality of this piece.
  • This piece is super super cool. The suede patchwork and Italian hardware makes this piece quite timeless. The color-block definitely proves that trends do come rolling back.
  • Pretty obsessed with these felted leggings. Audrey Cantwell, is a designer from Montreal who creates quality, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Would you consider Shoppalu's price range to be affordable or pure luxury? Why?
Definitely afordable. We plan to bring in a more luxurious range of goods in our new section for the next few seasons to come, but our vintage pieces will always be affordable.

Why did you decide to add new brands to your site as well?
I want to provide our customer with new and old pieces. We're essentially trying to cater to the girl that styles with both and loves both equally, like Alexa Chung or Kate Bosworth.

Visit Shoppalu here:
Website // Blog // Twitter // Facebook

Shoppalu photos by Sara Traore.

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