Think, say, do | An interview with Stacy Igel

The Veronicas were rehearsing as I walked into Avenue; a chic, vintage-y place on 116 10th Ave. Rustic interior, with old chandeliers and big light-bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Very vintage and very current. Spotlights were dancing across the floor, setting mood for a romantic, retro kind of evening. People were excited; mini-burgers were served and drinks were handed out.

I went backstage and met this incredible down to earth person that introduces herself as Stacy, and I slowly realized that I was lucky enough to get a one-on-one interview with New York based designer Stacy Igel of Boy meets Girl. Her age is a well-kept secret, but she looks like she’s barely 25 – so let’s just go with that. Pumped for the show and super excited, Stacy kindly answered some of my amateurish questions. She was such a sweetheart, and cute as a button.

Inspired by vintage and retro, both on a personal level and in her designs, the location of her SS collection absolutely reflects her personality. Old Hollywood glam with a positive attitude. Her personal style is quite eclectic as well. I asked Stacy to describe herself as a person, and not just as a designer. Apparently, no one had asked her that before.
-Tough one. I haven’t done that before! Energetic, neurotic, lover of people, grounded, crazy creative person, she explains laughing. I can absolutely relate to some of those keywords.

Designing for Stacy was a calling, from a very young age.
- I made my first skirt at the age of six, my mom was an entrepreneur and I was like making charm necklaces and selling them to my friends at school, she explains. That is a true artistic soul, if you ask me.

When I asked her why she became a designer in the first place the answer was simple:
- It was time, it was just in me.

Stacy is very inspired by passionate people. Persons like Patti Smith, Kate Moss, Coco Chanel, Alexander McQueen and her mother. Boy meets girl is really an identity brand: a reflection of the person designing it – and when I asked her “what keeps you going” - she answered eloquently and fast:
- All of you!

Not only did Natasha Bedingfield perform at her last show, but Stacy got The Veronicas to come for this show. Apparently, they love the brand – so it was a match made in heaven. Stacy describes them as true artists. Stacy have a unique way of connecting with people and she also has a lot of collaborations and acquaintances to brag about: ranging all the way from mentor Eli Tahari to Izod. She really enjoyed working with all of them, mainly because of their different personalities.
- Zandra (Rhodes) amazing designer, amazing person. Elie (Tahari) is crazy – I got my craziness from him - super talented, and Izod was more of a corporate atmosphere.

Fashion is, as you know, a fast working industry, and everyone needs to keep up all the time. Today was her 10 year anniversary of Stacy’s designing career. Does she think she has “made it”?
- I guess the ten years show you that I’ve been doing it for a while and hopefully I’m showing you that I made it. I’m just always really working hard. You never really made it yet. I think is my show to show you that I made it, she explains.
We all know the date: 9/11 - it was the day the world was shook to the core by the tragic events here in New York and elsewhere – and in honor of the loved ones lost, Stacy has decided to donate a portion of the sales to American Red Cross to remember 9/11. Boy Meets Girl by Stacy Igel was presented by Collective Bias. The first annual sports & style party hosted by Dwight Howard & Victoria Azarenka at Avenue NYC

If this isn’t good for a four minute interview, nothing is! I'm wearing Estela Balan, thrifted belt and shoes. Last picture taken by Meg.

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