My New York Fashion Week | Thank you, Nokia and ELLE!

How could I possibly even begin to thank Nokia & ELLE for giving me this opportunity? How can I put into words what I have experienced; seen, heard, felt and even smelled?

In my style portfolio, I wrote about how I wanted to cover New York Fashion Week and how I was planning on doing it. I wrote that I wanted to show that even though this industry is fast-moving, there is still a certain romance to it all. I wanted to show it all from my personal point of view, from my perspective - and I think I have accomplished that. I think I’ve captured it all, through my writing, my style and of course – my pictures.

I chose to use my Nokia N8 as the ultimate social media tool in all the ways I could think of, and what I learned to appreciate the most, (even though I only used it three times ), was the recorder. Thank godess for the recorder! I was given the opportunity to interview two amazing artists: Stacy Igel of Boy meets Girl and make-up artist Viktorija Bowers – both of which I felt an instant connection with. I guess we have similar spirits, and are in fact, interested in sharing pieces of our soul through our fashionable interests. If it hadn’t been for the N8, I would never have been able to tell the whole story of these amazing persons and share it all on my blog.

What I used the most during my days in New York was without a doubt the application Molome and the camera on my N8. I took pictures of everything; the food, my friends, a street, a cab, a moment backstage, a quick shot of what I was wearing – everything I could think of, and I spammed my community with pictures every single hour using Twitter as my main source of outlet. I was able to share my experience so fast and in such a beautiful way, I decided to use the Molome pictures on my blog as well. They really conveyed the feeling I was going for, all dreamy and very hectic, even romantic at times.

I was of course completely overwhelmed by the entire experience of the final round in this competition, I still am; and I do feel that I didn’t always do my very best. I know all of the other finalists felt the same way, just because being in New York gave us so many opportunities. We felt both lost and at home at the same time. We did however try our very best, and I think that’s all that matters in the end! An average of three hours of sleep every night, followed by twelve hours standing in our heels, drowning ourselves in 3 liters of water just to get through the day, running through the boiling pavement jungle just to reach our next appointment, scribbling down page after page of notes and taking fifty pictures before noon; not to mention the taxi-fares piling up to overwhelming amounts. It was fashion week. It is New York City. And I freakin’ loved every second of it!

If I were to point out my very favorite moments and things during NYFW by Nokia & ELLE, highest on my list would be getting to meet the other amazing finalists; stylists, designers, artists, photographers, ELLE-representatives and of course the wonderful people from Nokia and 1000heads. You guys really made this week transcend our hopes and dreams, making it a memory for life. Second on my list would be, to everyone’s surprise I'm sure; thrifiting in the amazing vintage stores hidden all over Manhatten. The BEBE show was quite amazing as well, and so was meeting Anna Sheffield x2, both for Bing Bang + WeSC and Bridal & Commitment. Meeting Viktorija Bowers was epic. I found a lot of inspiration on meeting with ELLE representatives; Petra Middelthon, as well as Keith and Britt at the ELLE office. I really enjoyed The Circle Line cruise, even though it is a very touristy activity - just the fact that I got to see the amazing skyline at sun-set and early night, was to me; amazing and very inspirational. Not to mention all the fine dining we did, thanks to some serious research done by Meg, Katie and Prima. Unforgettable meals at The Standard, Bryant Park Grill, 5 Napkin Burger, Ruby Foo’s and Buddakan! All in all, it was just the experience and the people I got to meet. Taking the iconic yellow cabs, eating New York pizza and walking around the city. And of course; Central Park.

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I was actually in New York City, it all really just feels like a dream now. I probably wouldn't believe it if I didn’t have all these pictures stored on my laptop. I look back on my days in the city as chaotic and magnificent. I did in fact feel the inspiration as I was running through the streets and avenues of the city, I listened and watched as the designers created fashion and trends as we all know it. I feel like I actually saw the soul of designers and artists from all over the world as their designs and creations walked down the runways. I fell in love with the city, and got lost in this iconic city-jungle more times than I can count. I experienced New York for all that it is, with all of my heart - and I am forever grateful for have been lucky enough to see it with my own two eyes. If you ask me now what my defining moments in fashion and life is, I will say New York Fashion Week - all thanks to Nokia & ELLE.

Now I’m sitting here, back in autumn-y Norway, trying not to cry thinking about my eight days walking around like a zombie, actually realizing a lifelong dream just by being there. It’s unreal. I feel empty, but at the same time I feel that I have poured tons of hope and inspiration into my chalice and I feel that there actually is some hope for me, after all. I’ve learned so much about myself, I don’t know where to begin. I’m stronger than I ever thought I was and I actually have something to tell the world. I’m not that insecure girl who grew up in the middle of nowhere anymore. I’m me, and I am strong.

The only thing I didn’t really live up to was how I packed my suitcase. In my portfolio, I said “all I needed was passion and courage - the N8 and its charger; a couple of killer heels, my laptop and a toothbrush”. That turned out to be as far away from the truth as possible. There were approximately 9 pair of shoes, 20 outfits and a chaos of accessories – and even more when I got back home. At Newark, I was pushing and pulling the maximum weight of 46 kilos of luggage, plus my carry-on which was waay over 10 kilos. And my handbag, which includes my 3 kilo laptop. I was literary carrying around several kilos more than I personally weigh! I was lucky to even get through security with that amount of luggage; it was either that - or my new-found New-York confidence!

When all this is said and done; I want to thank Meg, Katie, Prima and the amazing people behind the scenes of this experience. The very patient film crew that followed us around every day, everywhere. They all guided us, helped us and became our friends. A special thanks to all of you for not giving up on us, for believing in us – and most importantly, for pushing us when we needed it the most. Getting to experience New York like this.. was incredible, and all in all, I just find it impossible to describe. Words seem silly and small compared to the feelings I am left with now. And I will never forget the new friends I made. Energetic Ricardo, the only boy in our group, from whom we all got tons of inspiration. Sweetest Julie, my fellow Norwegian, whose calm spirit always lifted our mood and relaxed us when we needed it. Amazing Laurren, the funnies girl on the block, with a charming southern dialect and awesome personality. Darling Isabelle, my JC Lita twin, whose smile infected the whole group. Gorgeous Cindy, the hardcore fashionista, with a wonderful personality and magnificent style. Sarcastic Bonnie, with her awesome Australian self, who made us all laugh so hard we peed our pants a little every day. Miss Jessy, our German/Polish star, whose sequins made our days even brighter. I miss you, I miss New York and I love you all. Thank you!

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