Designers Saturday | Oslo | ERBA Italia

Designers Saturday is a seriously understated event here in Oslo. Today I had the pleasure of attending one of the exhibitions locations where Italian furniture company Erba had their showroom. Erba was founded in the 1950's in the heart of Brianza and has grown into a solid company much thanks to the close cooperation of Art Director Giorgio Soressi, which also is the designer of the entire collection. If I should describe my first impression of the furniture in three words it would be: architectural rustic glamor. Our very pleasant guide for the day was Erba's agent Anne Mari Sellgren Løvseth, which also is the managing director of Amisell. She kindly showed us around and told us a little about the values and core elements of Erba designs.
The moment I entered the room, my eyes was instantly drawn to this amazing chair named Red Baron! It's made out of soft leather, has velvet details and is of absolute quality. The attention to details is impeccable; I was especially fond of the velvet details on my chair - you guys know I love conflicting textures like that. Perfecto!I'm not going to lie; this stuff is right up my alley. It's the glamor I want, and the quirkiness I need. What I like the most about Erba is the fact that you can choose your own specific combinations of fabrics, colors, thickness and hues. They have an enormous amount of combinations; including everything from shocking orange to patterned pop art - distressed leather or even shabby chic if you want. In the end, it's like designing your very own couch - without the work.Oh, and this is not a sponsored post.

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