Bing Bang + WeSC

"New York is a cosmic boomerang", she said. And I thought; "you had me at boomerang".

As I wrote here on my blog yesterday, our schedule was packed with exciting happenings! We were invited to the WeSC concept store in Soho where we were shortly briefed and headed straight to Anna Sheffields studio. Do you know how much work go into making jewelery?

Anna Sheffield is an amazing jewelry designer and the artist behind the collaboration that is Bing Bang + WeSC. She told us a little about her life, her thoughts and her passions, what it was like working with Marc Jacobs and even wanted to give us a custom made necklace - made on the spot! I chose a key and a chalice. My thought behind this particular combination was that through this contest, I feel that so many new doors have been opened. The chalice symbolizes that I'm in it to win it!
Anna likes to work with alternative materials. She values marriage, love and union - nostalgia, native American culture and mixing textures. She is creative and finds a lot of inspiration in her friends, music and graffiti art. It's a wonderful blend of tough and sweet, kind of like small pieces of art. The signature aesthetic of Anna consists of layered sterling and brass chains, mixed metal finishes, curious charms and distressed lockets. And all of them have intricate details. I felt an instant connection, maybe because she is obsessed with the letter B!
Back at the WeSC concept store, we got to choose a favorite item or two to bring back home. Will you believe me if I say I actually found a pair of jeans that I liked? That's the first! I saw a new side of this hiphop label that I haven't seen before, and I was absolutely surprised to see that they had such a beautiful womens collection. I'm not exactly known for sporting a skateboard look, so this was a really positive experience of the brand WeSC. Designing is changing, and new thinking is the way to go!
We had a late lunch at The Standard, followed by a wonderful party at the WeSC concept store, where we met a bunch of amazing people and saw the launch of this cool video. Below is a picture of me, the model featured in the video and designer Anna.
Check out the jewelry collection here if you want! Want my instant updates? Check my Twitter or Molome!

I'm wearing Pixie knitwear dress, iiS of Norway cardigan, Lindex stockings and JC shoes.

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