Anna Sheffield | Bridal & Commitment SS12

You probably remember one of my first posts from my New York fashion week and the Bing Bang collaboration between Anna Sheffield and WeSC. The Bridal & Commitment line was launched almost simultaneously during our stay in the city, and Anna invited us personally for a pre-preview of the whole collection at The Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District! Getting up to the 17th floor was easier said than done! We needed the concierge to swipe his card just to take the elevator up to the Empire Suite, where Anna was preparing for her launch party later that evening.
The collection definitely has Anna's name written all over it, and consists of about 40 different styles. Don't be fooled by the name of the collection, because it is absolutely not limited to brides and grooms to-be. B&C is based on the idea of commitment, and therein of course love, which Anna is all about. She created the rings so that you can mix and match them any way you like. Her goal is to let you personalize your jewelery; whether you taste is black diamonds, safires, rubies or white gold mixed with pink accents. There are promise rings, stacking rings and anniversary pieces - with all the different combinations and variations you can possible think of. All in all, there are over hundreds of pieces with endless possibilities. Anna even managed to turn the princess-cut upside down, and make it work.
Her agent summed it all up pretty well: "Anna is so talented, it's ridiculous". This is her first ever collection within this specific genre, and I think she most definitely made a remarkable debut. It is exclusive, spicy, personal, very unique and very Anna.
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