A penny for your thoughts

Socially-awkward-week, also known as Oslo Fashion Week, just started. I went to the opening v. 2 this evening with J, M and M. Thanks for letting me be the third wheel, guys. Or was it the fourth..?

I haven't really written about this seasons fashion week mostly because I'm very disappointed with the way it's being executed. Many Norwegians designers have given up on OFW, and are now choosing to show their collections in Copenhagen instead. Understandably. The idea of Oslo Fashion Week is of course very good, but right now it's just a joke. If you want to be taken seriously, you have to take it serious yourself. I have a huge amount of respect most of the designers showing this season, but not for the organization OFW. I've noticed some articles here and there regarding a united fashion week in Scandinavia - now that's something we should talk about!

Anyways, I do appreciate being able to experience a fashionable week - if only to look back at it someday and say; this is so much better than it used to be! Right now it's just; wtf are you thinking?

Photo by Jhfresh.

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