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This post is probably considered a very stereotypical fashion blogpost, but I decided I wanted to share some news from the Norwegian fashion scenery, specifically from the SS2012 runway shows. No-no, don't run away just yet - I actually like these ones! We do have some very talented designers here in our little country, and I want to show you guys my favorites!

As I told you guys earlier, Norwegian designers are choosing Copenhagen Fashion Week over Oslo Fashion week - but I decided to pick my favorites from both scenes and show them to you in this post. I decided to leave my camera at home this season (for a change), and just enjoy the shows I was invited to! Hope you like it!

Oslo Fashion Week (Opening): iiS of Norway
I'm a knit-nut and I'm not afraid to admit it. You know I love iiS of Norway, and though iiS decided not to have an individual runway show at OFW this season - they did show five looks during the trend show at the opening of OFW. I like how Siv Elise has incorporated denim into this collection as well, even though I'm not exactly what you call a denim-freak. I'm quite the opposite, actually. That said: I did find myself craving that bra-thingy of hers when it came down the runway - and I think that says more about how amazing she is than anything else. My favorite piece is the middle one. Is it a dress, it is a cardigan, is it a tunic? I don't know and I really don't care: I just love it!

Oslo Fashion Week: Armando Santos
Armando continues to amaze me with his craftsmanship and unique perspectives. This season I fell in love with his white creations, all of which I consider pieces of art. The man knows what he is doing, and I'm glad to see him show on the main arena for a change. Rumor has it that Armando is one of very few Norwegian designers that get to show during London Fashion Week this fall; if that's true - it is very impressive! Armando shows that with time and effort you can create beautiful things - but it doesn't hurt that he is wildly talented. I just love how detailed oriented he is, especially in regards to that crochet-detailed dress in the middle here! Well-done!

Oslo Fashion Week (Newcomer): L & J
This seasons newcomer, L & J by Linne Røstad and Jason Sharpe, really impressed me with their personal twists on classic pieces in their own minimalistic way. I couldn't choose just three looks to show you guys, but I know these six looks would fit very nicely into my wardrobe. I especially love their use of blue as it is one of my favorite colors. The collection looks really comfortable, simple and wearable; and you can probably tell that they aren't exactly fresh out of design school- even though it's L &J's debut show.

Oslo Fashion Week: Fam Irvoll
These are my favorite looks from Fam's new collection. Without the crazy styling and make-up, a lot of these pieces are actually very wearable. I especially like the third dress. Fam is as always creative and bold, but I personally am getting a bit bored with her craziness already. I do appreciate her effort to make more wearable clothes and the fact that she was giving birth to a child whilst going at it with needles and thread, but that's a whole other story. Cute, fun, Fam.

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Helje Hamre
Helje Hamre decided to show at Copenhagen Fashion Week, alongside several other Norwegian designers. Helje does indeed design beautiful clothes. They are wearable and simple, with a luxury feel to them - and they photograph really well. His designs are something I could see myself wearing if I ever were to go on a cruise or sightseeing in a big city. But, I have seen it before - somewhere, or everywhere. I do understand the commercial aspects of designing clothes and that they sell much better than the more avant-grade stuff, but you guys know I'm more into the creative aspects of fashion. Beautiful, wearable, simple, but.. a bit boring.

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Veronica B. Vallenes
Ah, this makes me kind of proud to be Norwegian. I'm loving the use of colors in Veronica's new collection. Soft, sporty and sexy. I think it will come as no surprise when I say that she clearly is inspired by our Swedish neighbors and their famous take on new minimalism. Clean cuts, very beautiful. I also like the use of accessories; clean statement pieces.

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Haaning and Htoon
Soft and wearable seems to be the key-words for all Norwegian designers for the next season: I wonder if they planned it? Haaning and Htoon SS 2012 features luxury and sporty minimalism in a soft color-palette. Lounging outside in the garden one springy, warm afternoon with a cup of tea and a good book? Yes, this is most definitely something I would wear.

Do you like? Which is your favorite?
All pictures, except from iiS of Norway by Dmitry K Valberg, via Norwegian Fashion, photographed by Steven Stieng.

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