Kind of retro, ish.

Today, I wanted to do something a bit different with my outfit pictures. High-contrast mixed in with some black and white photography. I have been preferring the soft-light-look for a while now, but I want to change it up a little - and since I didn't remove my make-up straight after the shoot yesterday, I was able to pull it of. I love how Vidar does my eyebrows for Vatle's current look. It's very clean, no mascara - just great foundation, rouge and those brows. Also, I'm kind of retro at the moment - trying to mix weird stuff with a vintage-looking ensemble. I don't know what made me wear this, though. Impulses? I like my impulses.

That said; I still can't believe I'm going to go to New York Fashion Week. How crazy is that? Not only have I dreamed of going to NY since I was a little girl - but it is all combined with this amazing opportunity to collaborate with Nokia and ELLE! I really can't believe it. And I probably wont believe it until I'm back in Norway in September.

Wearing Monki over-sized cardigan, unknown shirt, Cubus tights and my new shoes from DinSko.

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