Excuse me, Mrs. Andersen!

I just received my order from Romwe.com, (read more here), and I was very curious to see if the skirt would be too short for me, as I like to wear everything as high-waisted as possible. At first, I really thought it was too short and I kicked myself mentally for ordering without double checking the measurements; but after wearing it for a couple of hours - I changed my mind. My lover emphasized that I really need the challenge of new types of clothes, so I went with it. Yes, I know - it's not that big a difference from most of the stuff I wear: but I like it extra long, midi or short - not all the weird stuff in between. Or so I thought! I'll bite my tongue now, and say that I most definitely should step outside my comfort-zone even more often and try it all! Not just the things I know, ehm, think I know will work. Besides, something really positive came out of it all: I now have some super-multi-functional clothes to bring to NYFW. Thanks Romwe!

I'm wearing skirt and top via Romwe.com, cardigan from H&M, bandeau from Cubus and Graceland sandals.

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