Vanity is my favourite sin.

What day is it? Oh, shit, it's my birthday. Again. It always comes around this time of the year. Weird. I will be celebrating it like I do every year: by not celebrating. Luckily I'm stranded on a dessert island in northern Norway where no one can find me.

Do I have any birthday wishes? Yes, actually, I do: I wish for your vote right here! It would be the bestest most awesome birthday present ever! Instead of congratulating me, giving me a gift or baking a cake - help me get to New York Fashion Week as a Style Correspondent for Nokia and ELLE! Deal? Happy birthday to me!

This is one of my favorite pictures (of me) in a while. It's not at all how I see myself or hope the world perceive me; but that's what I like the most about it. It probably sounds totally narcissistic, but that's OK. I like it that much. Captured by Ida Sletten. Quote by Al Pacino.

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