I don't pretend to be an ordinary housewife

This is a big favorite of mine, if not the favorite, out of all my outfits. I love the bizarre combination of three completely different styles: retro pin-up meets modern impulses with kind of a native American vibe. Of course, my "new" twist on the bun is quite cool too - if I may say so myself. There's something very appealing about incompatible mixes like this; it just shows that different styles actually can look quite excellent together if you just try it. I never could stick to just one style, one color or one mood - always changing! My very best tip to everyone out there is: experiment with your style and don't forget to have fun with it! Rome wasn't built in a day, you know!
I'm wearing shorts from Gina Tricot, vintage crochet top, shades via Ebay, headpiece (scarf) by Riccovero and Jessica Simpson shoes. Quote by Elizabeth Taylor.

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