There are years that ask questions and years that answer.

These are my final answers of this Q&A round. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, had a blast answering your questions! Some of your questions were a bit difficult to answer, but I hope you like my answers and appreciate the effort I put in to it!

Clara Maybe asked: "How do you see yourself in the future, would you like to have a family?"
I dream of living in another country, where the weather isn't so harsh and where people are friendlier. I dream of doing something I love, but I don't know what that is. I do have a family; my lover is everything to me - but do I want children? Some day. Maybe. "What are the ups and downs of living in Norway? Do you think someone from abroad could adapt easily to living there?"
The arrogant people, the general prices and the weather are the down-sides. The positive sides have a lot to do with politics, education and health care. I think that if you are prepared to live somewhere where it's colder than you can imagine during the winter, you'll survive. The first winter season will be the toughest challenge. I may be exaggerating, but I think it is just too cold to function sometimes. Adapting to the Norwegian people isn't that hard, as long as you're easy going and social. I'm neither.Mallory from asked: "What is your favorite part about blogging?"
My favorite part of blogging is all the kind and generous people out there! I've always found people intimidating and generally quite viscous, thought everyone were evil and just out to hurt me - because of my experiences with bullies and such. So far blogging has been one of the most positive experiences in my life. I also feel like I've gotten some new friends through this. Another wonderful part of blogging is discovering new creative artists out there.
Courtney from asked: "Do you dye your hair?"
Yes, every sixth week or so. I've been dying my hair black since I was about fourteen or fifteen, so it feels natural to me. If your follow-up-question is ; do I dye my eyebrows? No, they are naturally black. I always get that question as well.
"What are your blogging tips?"
Be patient, kind, respectful and honest - but most importantly, just be yourself. It's hard work, so remember to take breaks and don't let it take over your life! Always, always remember to have fun with it! Blogging is sharing, and sharing is caring.
"L" asked: "Do you think (your personal honest opinion) that women who are in their 30s, 40s, and older "should" grow their hair very long (as you have yours?).
Thank you for valuing my opinion! I think that there are no clear rules when it comes to the length of ones hair at any age, but my first and direct answer would be that if your hair looks healthy, I don't think it is necessary to cut it of. I've seen very few woman older than myself that actually have really long hair, but those I've seen I've found very interesting and beautiful. I think the so-called "rule" that you should have shorter hair as you grow older is silly in some ways, but when I consider the fact that our hair gets damaged, dry and thin as we age - that may be the reason the "rule" occurred. No one wants to go around looking like a scarecrow, unintentionally - if you know what I mean. So, to sum up: yes, if you have healthy hair, or healthy looking hair, you can most definitely grow your hair long. At any age.
"As a sort of 2nd part question to #1, in regards to aging, do you think it is an easy thing to go through the aging process? Or do you imagine it would be challenging in any way? I read in one of your posts that you "hate" birthdays. Is that because you feel getting older would be difficult?
I'm honestly terrified of getting older. It's not so much the looking-old-part I'm afraid of, but the feeling like I never accomplished enough. The people I went to school with have already finished their degrees and whatnots, had two or three babies and a mortgage to go with it all. Me? I rent an apartment with my lover in Oslo, blog and drink coffee all day long. I should be thrilled, really - I'm able to live my life, try to fulfill my dreams and have no extra responsibilities - but when I compare myself to the ones I grew up with I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. It most definitely have something to do with never feeling good enough growing up and the effects of being bullied - and when it comes to my birthday, it has always been the day to sum up my life so far, and that's when and why I feel old. I know it is challenging for everyone; both looking older and feeling older - especially in today's society where being "young and beautiful" is so important. When are you supposed to feel grown-up and just accept who you are? I don't know.

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