Nokia and ELLE: Barbro Andersen for the next Style Correspondent

I wanted to write a little about the contest I am crazy to win! The prizes are incredible, and includes everything from just being in New York - to meeting designers and eventually being featured in ELLE Magazine. Girls all over the globe are probably crazy to win this, just like me - and even participating is getting me all kinds of dizzy with excitement. This is huge, and quite ambitious obviously - but I'm psyched! I'm in! I can do this! We can do this!
So, the deal is that Nokia and ELLE are searching for the next Style Correspondent to celebrate the unveiling of the new pink Nokia N8. The competition will last all summer, so if I make it through this round you'll have to bare with me these few months. My goal now is the to be one of the eight finalists that is sent all the way to the Big Apple to report from New York Fashion Week in September. The main winner will become Nokia’s Style Correspondent and will be featured in January’s issue of ELLE. Nokia and Elle says the winner should be passionate about style and fashion – and able to communicate that passion. And that I am, right?
It's all happening over at Nokia’s Facebook site right now, where all the contestants create their own competition profiles and can engage in conversations and comment on each others’ work. The search for the next Style Correspondent is launched simultaneously with the new pink Nokia N8 and its high quality 12 megapi(n)xel camera! The N8 is the perfect choice for capturing stylish moment anytime, anywhere - and it's safe to say that the phone I have now has got nothing on the N8. The only thing they have in common is the number 8, which the camera on my current phone has in pixels. Yeah, I know.

The first round of the competition is the most important one, for now - because this is it! As I said in my previous post; this is where I need you guys! It all started on the 1st of June and lasts till June 21st. All it takes for me to win this is your LIKE. Once. Nothing more, nothing less. It takes.. probably two seconds - and it can change my life. Do you want to be a part of that?

So, if you're asking "why Barbro deserves your vote"? Well, you're here, aren't you? You like what I do; whether it is my style, my photography, my writing, my anything - there is something that made you click your way in here. Why don't you vote for that something! Maybe you have followed me for the past three years, or maybe you just stopped by last week - either way, you're here now - and I need a small favor. It is obvious that I want this, badly, and it is also obvious that if I win, you will be able to take part in my whole experience - without a doubt. It will all happen right here on my blog and how awesome would that be!

I don't want to get ahead of myself, but for the the second round, which starts on June 24th, 500 contestants will be selected and asked to write in only 250 words why they should be the next Nokia Style Correspondent. The third phase begins at July 8th, when 50 semifinalists are chosen to create their own style portfolios. It could be in the form of a blog entry, video, or Flickr album. As well as the medium, the contestants are also free to choose the subject; everything from a style icon, a defining moment in fashion, or something completely personal. I will probably do something personal and stylish, or maybe even all of the above - if I can only get there! To help create the portfolio, the semifinalists will receive a pack of supporting material, including a pink Nokia N8.

And then there will be eight.. The N8 finalists will fly to New York Fashion Week in September. There they will be given different assignments to report about on their blogs – with the help of their Nokia N8, of course. Nokia and ELLE have also arranged meetings and interviews with style icons and fashion photographers. The finalists get to see what happens behind the scenes of the NY Fashion Week and ELLE. To top it all of, the main winner will become the next Nokia Style Correspondent and be profiled in January’s ELLE! ELLE, my favorite magazine! How can I not at least try!?

I'm sorry for rambling on like this, but perhaps you see that this actually is very important to me. I'm passionate and I want this. I need to try this, and even if I don't make it - I couldn't bare to look myself in the mirror if I knew I didn't give it my best! Thank you for reading my little outburst here, and if you voted: I owe you big-time! So far I have 85 likes, and I know there are more of you out there! What are you waiting for? Let's do this!

LinkAnyone can become the new fashion and style blogging star. No previous experience is required. The criteria for evaluating all of the work in the competition are style, communication skills and creativity. The most important thing, however, is that the contestants have a passion that they are able to share with their readers and the community. Information gathered from . Find more information on the competition here!

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