Monkey see, monkey do.

Oh, it's been a while since I last posted an outfit, hasn't it? It's about time then! Today I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Yvan Rodic aka the Facehunter - which is staying in Oslo for a couple of days. I was, as always, totally awkward and constantly stumbling over my words - but luckily Yvan was very sweet and even took time to have a cup of coffee with me. I do wonder, though; how come it's so hard for me to talk to strangers, while I have no problems walking half-way across town in these heels?

This cardigan from iiS of Norway was a very good friend though, as it was a bit chilly outside today. I decorated it with a pin I found at a flea-marked last year and some earrings, actually. Who knew? I love personalizing my clothes; it makes them feel even more me.

I'm wearing iiS of Norway cardigan, Gina Tricot shorts, Cubus belt, BikBok body, Fashionology necklace, H&M hat and Asos heels. I had a suitcase-bag too, but I kind of forgot to take pictures of it.

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