It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.

Nádia from asked: "What do you think about yourself? What are your main fears and your main dreams? What do you love the most about you and what do you hate the most? What makes you sad? What makes you happy?"
These are some deep and tough question, which I'm not ready to answer - on my blog. Perhaps you should send me an e-mail instead, and then we could talk - because some things are better left unsaid in front of so many people. I will however say that my biggest fear is that I'll loose someone I love. I'm also scared that I'll never live up to my own expectations. What makes me happy is easier to answer, but perhaps also very obvious, since it's me your talking to. Love makes me happy. Spring. Summer. Traveling. Coffee. Tea. And music.Anonymous asked: Regarding to your Sunday secret : are you sick?
My main thought behind last Sunday's Secret was to point out that you never really know. I have countless personal experiences when it comes to the issue and I really want the world to understand that you don't have to look sick to be sick. You can't see cancer until your body is full of chemotherapy, you can't see if someone's got Alzheimer and you never know if the person sitting next to you on the bus is so depressed they can even utter the word help. I would advise all you out there to take about ten minutes out of your life and read the Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino - and it might enlighten you and touch you in a way you didn't realize was possible. It's a wonderful piece of work by a brave woman.
What is the thing you're the most proud about yourself?
I'm most proud of the fact that I am me; not what or who everyone else wants me to be.
Which are the countries you have already visited/wish to visit?
Scandinavia is a given, as I've been to Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Other than that I've visited Germany, Spain, Greece, England, Ghana and most recently - the US. I dream of traveling all over the world, but first on my list is to explore Europe closer: preferably more of Spain and Germany - mixed in with Italy, France and The Netherlands.
May I ask if you believe in god/something else/nothing?
I don't believe in god, no. I believe in honesty, kindness, respect and being down to earth.
Juno from asked: "There is one that I really want to know: If you could freeze a moment for the eternal times, which one would you pick? The thing is: I want to know your happiest memory!"
The day my lover and I got married, July 23rd 2010, was the happiest day of my life. If you look at our pictures in this post; "Whatever souls are made of; hers and mine are the same" - you'll probably see what I'm talking about. I'd freeze it all if I could: the feeling, the joy, the happiness - it makes me smile more than anything, and just looking at those pictures give me goosebumps all over my body. That's true happiness.
Annika from asked: "Who's your greatest rolemodel?"
Good question. I never really had a role model, other than the obvious fact that I really admire both my mother and grandmother. I've never wanted a role model either, purely because I've been scared of suddenly having too big shoes to fill. I have enough trouble living up to my own expectations, as I set enormously high standards for myself. That usually make me all kinds of paralyzed - therefore, I guess I could say that my role model would be an idealistic version of myself in a perfect world, however narcissistic that may sound. That said; I really admire Ms. Kate Moss - just because she's "short" and rock my socks.

What social issue today would you say is the most important, in your opinion?
The environmental ones. Who cares if you smoke in the streets, drink a beer in the park or if there is a an equal amount of both genders in every single office in town. What if we don't have any streets, parks or offices left to argue about?
Which is the best book you've ever read?
My favorite book is "Mouthing the Words" by Camilla Gibb. I also really love Paulo Coelho's books. They just touch me, and kind of change my life a little bit every time I read them. "Veronica decides to die" is one of my favorites.
Out of all of your outfit photos, which one is your all-time favorite?
Ah, I was afraid it would come to this. I was hoping no one would challenge me like that. It may not be the answer you are looking for, but this is my all time favorite picture out of all of my outfit photos.

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  1. WOW!! THIS FOR SURE IS MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE POST OF YOURS!! "May I ask if you believe in god/something else/nothing?
    I don't believe in god, no. I believe in honesty, kindness, respect and being down to earth." I really admire you as a human being. I love how you answer the questions from your fans. You are different. I love that about you. "Out of all of your outfit photos, which one is your all-time favorite?" OOMMGGGG!!! The photo you posted in response of the question (before i saw the photo) I TOO THOUGHT OF THAT PHOTO/Post! When i first saw that post (on the month that you posted it) and saw that picture of your face cropped out just showing your berry-red lips, your dark black hair and your patterned out of focus sweater, i really thought "Whoa...this chick has something different with photography and really knows how to capture the essence of unsounded beauty!" Another note, i am really shocked that no one has commented of this really enlightening post! It's a piss off.
    -Anna <3

  2. I'll send an e-mail then, sweetie! :))) soon!

  3. "Wow!!" is my reaction too. You are an incredibly deep thinker and have really shared a lot about your thoughts and dreams. It goes so much farther than just asking something as simple as "What is the Matrix?" or just likes and dislikes. It lets us get to know more about you. I think you're fabulous, and I love the colour of your lipstick in your favourite fashion photo. I love Spring, coffee, much more, and this post. It's wonderful.


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