Introducing Tie-Ups!

I'd like to start by introducing the brand itself; then show my interpretation of items within the collections in separate posts. This way I am completely open about the sponsorship, and there are no doubts regarding the issues of "hidden promotions" and such. I always share my honest opinions, even if the outcome unflattering. Questions? Just contact me here.

Let me introduce you to Tie-Ups! If you've been following my blog, you know I wear a lot of belts - or at least I wear them very often. As I'm a big fan of over-sized clothes, belts really are a necessity for me and these colorful beauties really caught my eye. The belts are made from 100% recycled rubber and plastic and come in a wonderful range of colorful combinations. You can choose from basic styles, slim-cut, polka-dots, printed belts and personalize them all you want to make them fit your style perfectly. The removable, slightly translucent buckle is interchangeable with other Tie-Ups buckles, allowing the creation of unique color combinations. Perfect for travel, and not only are they animal friendly but are also hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, UV protected and fade resistant - which means they'll last forever. Or at least close to forever.
I chose the slim-cut aqua-cut because I just fell on love with the color. It was either that or the orange-cut.


  1. Very nice belts, they remind me of toys and candy!

  2. Whooaa, I LOOVE THIS IDEA!!
    I want one of those belts now!
    Very smart Innovation is sooo great!!! :D
    I love the colors to, love the peachy color, the aqua, lighter blue and orange! <333

  3. How cool! I'm always inspired by ethical, eco-conscious fashion and these are such a genius little idea.


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