I'm on Facehunter!

I'm on Facehunter! Check out Yvan's beautiful pictures here! These past couple of days have been kind of awesome. Not only did I get to meet the famous Yvan Rodic and have coffee with him, but I socialized - two days in a row. That's a new record! No, not really - but you get my point! Yvan was kind enough to invite me to tag along with him and Ingrid of The Showmanship yesterday, and though I'm awfully shy, quiet, awkward, whatnot - I really enjoyed just hanging out, listening to his stories and drinking coffee.

Oh, and the funniest thing: NRK did an interview with Yvan while he was shooting me; so now there are pictures of him taking pictures of me on the interwebs. Check out the article here, if you want. It's in Norwegian (Nynorsk). Picture by Maren Kvamme Hagen (NRK.no)

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