I used to hate yellow. Now I don't.

This is my Estela Balan skirt, and I actually think this is one of my favorite outfits to this date! I just love the contrasts of these two colors, I think they look great together. I never liked yellow, I actually used to refer to it as a sin - not a color. I'll eat my words now, and say that in this case - yellow is a great color. Also, chiffon makes everything look nice.

I also kind of reached a milestone, or just a number - whichever way you prefer to look at it - which makes this my 100th look on LOOKBOOK.nu! I'd be stoked if you'd HYPE, "like" or Tweet it, yeah? ♥

I'm wearing Estela Balan yellow signature skirt, Cubus top, vintage belt, Fashionology necklace via Jaks Paper, rings from Ebay and the Litas. Oh, and The Body Shop neon pink lipstick (59)

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