A self-portrait is a portrait of oneself done by oneself

I take pictures of myself almost every day, but I never define them as self-portraits. This is however a very personal picture of me. How do you portray yourself?


  1. wow, you did this fabulous illustration! love love it! very talented! love it! xoxo


  2. Nicely done although this honestly reminds me a little of 'the ring'.

  3. very interesting. and also a great question to ask. i would have to think about it more. im still searching for my asetethic as well as what i want to do with myself.


  4. I guess a self-portrait is something that shows who the true you is or how you define yourself. I don't mean just in clothes. I mean in expression and how the picture portrays you.

    Great drawing by the way ;)

  5. Here's mine; http://www.desireeskalle.com/gallery/302517#17

    I understand what you mean. A self portrait has to be more than just a picture of yourself, I think. :)


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