A self-portrait is a portrait of oneself done by oneself

I take pictures of myself almost every day, but I never define them as self-portraits. This is however a very personal picture of me. How do you portray yourself?


  1. Anonymous4:02 PM

    wow, you did this fabulous illustration! love love it! very talented! love it! xoxo


  2. Nicely done although this honestly reminds me a little of 'the ring'.

  3. very interesting. and also a great question to ask. i would have to think about it more. im still searching for my asetethic as well as what i want to do with myself.


  4. I guess a self-portrait is something that shows who the true you is or how you define yourself. I don't mean just in clothes. I mean in expression and how the picture portrays you.

    Great drawing by the way ;)

  5. Here's mine; http://www.desireeskalle.com/gallery/302517#17

    I understand what you mean. A self portrait has to be more than just a picture of yourself, I think. :)


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