Introducing Satorisan!

I'd like to start by introducing the brand itself; then show my interpretation of items within the collections in separate posts. This way I am completely open about the sponsorship, and there are no doubts regarding the issues of "hidden promotions" and such. I always share my honest opinions, even if the outcome unflattering. Questions? Just contact me here.

In the "Book of Monsters" (妖怪 の 本) there is a mythological creature that bears a striking resemblance to the Himalayan Yeti or the North American Bigfoot: The Satori (覚), a being who possesses the ability to read men's hearts. Hence, its name means "understanding", "harmony" and “balance” in the Japanese language. SatoriSan (Mr. Yeti) has arisen with the same gift; a new brand looking to leave its mark among the lovers of sneakers.
SatoriSan believes that the basis of a constructive relationship between a brand and their customer goes beyond a mere transactional contract, and that love and caring for each other will make this world a better place to live in.
During the production of their sneakers, SatoriSan combine state-of-the-art industrial techniques with careful craftsmanship. The sneakers undergo special treatments which deform and reconstruct them, giving them an irregular coloring and a singular snug fit. SatoriSan stands for quality and comfort, the balance between the old and the new, between perfection and the controlled erosion of the sneaker materials in order to give them a used and wrinkled look.This brand aim to produce a product that is unique and unrepeatable. They flee from uniformity, love adding details and trimmings. Satori is a character who is different, sturdy, robust, special and attractive. Just like their shoes. SatoriSan is for people who know what they like and are not afraid to try something new, who like to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. I really admire the values of SatoriSan, and not just their designs.

You are a creation. Value yourself. Be honest and respect yourself. You do not need additives. Be yourself. Always look for happiness. Charge your batteries by smiling. Make yourself happy by delivering happiness to others. You are a part of this world. Take good care of it.



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