Introducing Ann's Jewelery Collection

I'd like to start by introducing the brand itself; then show my interpretation of items within the collections in separate posts. This way I am completely open about the sponsorship, and there are no doubts regarding the issues of "hidden promotions" and such. I always share my honest opinions, even if the outcome unflattering. Questions? Just contact me here.

Ann Gray, my newest sponsor! Ann is a 42 years old jewelery designer living in Kansas City, MO. She loves animals and, of course - her jewelery! She tells me her days are consumed with her creative work and learning how to create new things. She's an avid visitor of the World Revival Church, which she says has changed her life. The everyday presence of her God is a big part of her and she told me that "He was kind and gracious and mighty and actually worked in my life" - which is more than I can say for myself. I don't particularly believe in God - but I think that if if makes you happy, go for it! Ann's reputation is flawless, and so is her collection. It is hand-made from scratch using some of natures finest stones and materials, and I just fell in love with her vintage style. And, to top it all off: it's not expensive! The average price is about $18!
When and why did you decide to start creating jewelery?
In 2006 I was looking for a particular piece and I couldn't find what I wanted. Someone said why don't you make it and I should say the rest is history! I began to buy supplies and books and to study and practice day and night and I still do. I used to be a Cosmetologist and instead of creating signature hairstyles now I create signature accessories! (Although I just finished doing hair and jewelry for a modeling shoot.)

What are your goals as a jewelery designer?
I want people to recognize my name when they think of jewelry. I want my jewelry to become famous and become a staple in fashion magazines and modeling shoots all over. I want people to become excited to get a piece that is handmade by me. And of course, I would love to make some money!
You use a lot of different materials in your collection; which is your favorite to work with?
That is so hard to say. I love a variety. There are so many beautiful gems out there and I love fine silver. I love fine silver because it adds an extra touch of excellence to a piece. My favorite stone is Blue Lace Agate simply because I think it's beautiful but there are so many gorgeous stones, Agates and Jaspers and Opals, etc who can pick just one. I can say that my style tends to have a Victorian, vintage, antique look even when I don't try. It's just a look that I love. Why?

Are you an eco-friendly brand?
I try to be eco-friendy as much as I can be.. I admit I haven't studied about how to be eco-friendly but what I have heard, I have put into practice.
You seem really inspired by vintage jewelery. What else inspires you?
Bold, unique, one of a kind jewelry. Very edgy! I like a very unique look that grabs people the moment they look at someone. Something that makes an outfit. That makes people look and ask where did you get that!

Ann's Jewelery Collection has nearly 4.000 fans on Facebook and her store can be found here! And the best part? She has been kind enough to offer you guys a 20% discount on her unique and wonderful collection! The code is: CREDIT20


  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    love the vintage look and feel! amazing gemstones!


  2. Beautiful!!!

    Love the first one there!

  3. The second one is perfect!
    Love Änglamark.

  4. Semi-precious gems are my weakness!

  5. These are great! I have that bracelet!

  6. I really love the first one creation!!

  7. We missed you Barbro!! ;D even when you are posting regularlly...
    WELCOME back home!! hope you had a great time ...
    Kisses from Spain

  8. I can tell you first hand that Ann puts all her heart and soul into each piece. I wear rings and necklaces that she hand made just for me every time I do a gig! She stands by what she makes, too!

  9. great and beautiful find! thanks for sharing! I love the color


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