VATLE | Ashes AW2011

What can I say? I'm impartial, for sure, and not going to hide it. I LOVE Ashes! The collection is inspired by the 80's grunge rock, mixed with a little bit of structured minimalism. Keywords include leather, studs, suede geo patches, faux-fur, knits, sheer fabrics and chains. New of the season is Vatle's menswear collection, which literary made people gasp - it's awesome! The models and I are wearing gold chains and VHS cassettes and tape braided into the hair, which was all done by the Cosmo Beauty team! These are some of my personal favorites, including the items I wore;
Photography via Oslo Nights by Agneta Burnett. Video by Ole Gunnar H. Nordli. More pictures here and here.


  1. Amazing dear<33.. this is so GOOD to be a model. good step forwards!!


  2. Very interesting! The coat that u wore is a dream!

  3. yaaaaay!! thanks for posting more pictures... I think I could wear some pieces separate but not the whole look. Great experience I guess...


  4. Fariza: Thank you, sweetie!

    Insomnia: I absolutely adore the jacket as well!

    Aminta: It was a really fun experience for sure!

  5. Looking like a top model! :)

  6. Du så HELT awesome ut :-)


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