OFW AW2011 | My favorites

Last seasons celebrity "designers" really hurt the credibility of Norwegian designers and Oslo Fashion Week in general. I was absolutely furious at the time, but the standard has been so much better this season. I'm actually really impressed! Kudos for responding to our critic and raising the standard. Quality over quantity. Here's a recap of my favorites.

Img source: (Armando Santos by me) 1/2. Kristian Aadnevik by Espen Brenli 3. C / Bruerberg by Espen Brenli 4/5/6/7. Iis of Norway by Espen Brenli 8. Nina Jarebrink by Espen Brenli 9/10. Leila Hafzi by Espen Brenli 11. Maggie Wonka by Espen Brenli 12. Helje Hamre by OFW/Dmitry K Valberg 13. SCA Ulven by OFW/Dmitry K Valberg

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  1. the first blue dresses, omg, speechless!

  2. Pure love, the blue dress especially.
    Your hear id really nice too now following x

  3. Anonymous1:07 PM

    perfect pieces!!

  4. Lovely favorites! I was totally :O at the male outfits you shared! Especially the second one! amazing!


  5. omg i would love to wear all these pieces! i especially like the dresses! :)


  6. Excellent selection! That green chiffon dress is so dreamy and cute!


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